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  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month27,267
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Inventory value

Business Story

Why this business was started

We run various brands shipping to worldwide since 2018 mainly in the kids and home improvement niche. As part of our business expansion plan in 2020, we wanted to start a new brand focusing again on an evergreen mass market. We wanted something that everyone in this world, will be able to be able to purchase and use it daily which will result in them purchasing another one or recommend to friends.

Through in-depth research we saw a product with huge opportunity which little people in the market will dare to challenge it because it look just too innocent to be a champion product but we proved it otherwise. This is a great thing since competitors will be 'turned off' seeing this product and would challenge to sell it which leaves us with a large market to dominate.

In a short period of time it took off and even attracted many fitness influencers and sportsperson to pass on the good words.

The reason of selling this business

In 2021, We were very honoured to be invited to be part of something really huge in where I reside in (Singapore) due to our expertise in the eCommerce space. With limited time available, try our best to keep this current brand running on the side while putting full focus on the new initiative.

It was only then we realised that we cannot do two big things together at once and we have to pay less attention to the fitness brand while focusing more on the local initiative as it comes with huge investment by corporate investors.

We let this brand run pretty much on its own with minimal effort such as engaging in influencers with the help of our virtual assistant, and also new creative from time to time which should have been more regular which we didn't get the luxury to. We have now come to a point where we are able to commit little to no time as the initiative here is picking up and again figures has proven that the brand will definitely need more attention to bring the numbers up again.

It has come to our realisation that with our local initiative, we are unable to give our fullest attention to it and not doing justice to the potential that it can yield. We decided that it is better off to hand this business to the next entrepreneur who has fresh idea to continue the brand we have built so far and take it to a new height.

At our peak when we were running advertisement with full marketing effort, we we doing great numbers which certainly build up nice revenue and profits. Which I believe this strong track performance will be beneficial for anyone who is looking to take the brand to the next level and can leverage on these past figures to draw investment. These numbers had been done for you instead of you starting from ground zero.

Currently, as we are focusing on other matters, we have stopped all promotion in Jan 2022 and just let sales come in organically.

I have attached our all time revenue figures and profits below for your reference.

What's involved in running this business

  • myself as the director and marketer
  • a superstar virtual assistant which you can entrust almost 100% of the task to her including customer service and social media
  • supplier doing fulfilment which allows us to be hands off on this
This business was founded: over 2 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 30 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month27,267Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Inventory value
  • Profit Margin15%
  • Avg. sales /month200
Other details about profit: Profit shown is the average throughout the business lifetime (20 months)
Total revenue
  • $2,098,962
  • Revenue data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller
    Total traffic
  • 845,287Visits
  • Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


    • Shopify plan
    • Inventory warehouse
    • Employees
    • Domain
    • Klaviyo, Onlypult, Grasshopper, SMS Bump, FAQ, Opinew
    • Facebook, IG
    • Avg transaction fee @ 0.5% in the past 6 months

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

    • Logo and branding assets

      You will be taking over - Logo - Branded video outro - All digital assets - All present and past website banner - All present and past Facebook banner - Done for you, professionally written and designed email series (abandoned cart, welcome series) - Done for your, professionally set-up SMS marketing We can send you a Google Drive link to download everything
    • Personal support after sale

      I will be ensuring a smooth transition such as handing over all digital assets and for you to take over the inventory to you in your most preferred way. I believe the entire thing should take no more than 3 months.
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      You will be taking over - Professionally taken studio photos - Professionally taken lifestyle photos - Professionally taken product videos - Influencers lifestyle photos - Influencers IG photos - Influencers IG videos - Influencers YouTube videos We can send you a Google Drive link to download everything
    • Social media

    • Suppliers

      We have strong relationship with our local agent in China who helps to negotiate, purchase and mitigate any issue with the suppliers. For our current model, we shipped worldwide from China, USA fulfilment warehouse and EU warehouse which is all fully taken care by him. As an experience individual who has been serving us for years, he certainly can take care of everything. You will be linked up to him to either continue the current arrangement or new arrangement.
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    As a savvy business owner, we are sure that you have a strong direction for this store that you are about to purchase. This is my personal view on how to continue growing this store: - Leverage on our branding and presence in the home fitness niche with more than 95% satisfied customers as we will be handing our domain name over to you as well. - Take advantage of our more than 15k email list subscribers, build a relationship and nurture them into repeat customer - Expand the product line via your unique product with private label or even your own creation. - Alternatively, increase the SKU of your product line by partnering up with your local sports dealer to turn this store into a one stop fitness store. - Continue to leverage on our unique best selling product that has been selling consistently over the last 1.5 years to generate cash for your expansion. - The greatest advantage of all is that we have built a strong track record financially, presence and feedback which can help you to jumpstart your venture into the fitness industry without going through the basic groundwork which we have done for you over the last 1 year plus.

    Who is this great for? 1) If you are looking for build a fitness brand and want to have a head start, this brand with some recognition in the industry will give you a jump start. You will be able to ride on existing influencers, content and social proof that has already been done for you. 2) A done for your website with hours and thousand of dollars invested in professional developers customised for conversion done for you 3) If you are looking to attract investors in the near future, our strong revenue record (USD2mil) and duration of brand (20 months), will be a perfect jump start for you to sell your ideas and story. After all USD2,000,000 in 20 months is something remarkable in our opinion 4) If you have a solid fitness product to introduce to the market, or a wild concept for the industry. You will be able to take advantage of the good work done for you and jump start your business right away.

    Who is this not for? 1) Planning to buy over a business and collect a passive income from the current business.

    The greatest asset here is the brand here itself. Yes, it may not be big, but it definitely has the exposure to give you a good head start in the niche. I would highly recommend that you introduce a new product, or new creative way to market our key product. Perfect if you are a confident marketer!

    Skills to have

    1) Need to be creative in marketing to bring glory to our current champion product 2) If not, need to have a new product, or new angle for the fitness niche so you can take advantage of the branding that has been built.



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