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General description

Fashion Stylist is a business ecomerce, is a fashion clothing store. The empire has almost 3 years of foundation. The store is located on califfornia, EUA. The business advertising only is working by facebook ads. For each $25 per day on ads, Facebook give us 3 conversions on each product. For each product that has good conversions, we increase by $100 per day ... And the conversions too grow up... and you can potentiate as much as you want. And if you continue with the math and to have ambition, you can scale until SKY. Now, look the potential. We have until now 128 products on our store ( You can increase to 5000+ products on your colletion ) And this is only by Facebook Ads... rsrs

Why should someone buy this store?

If you like of this niche " Fashion, Clothing " , and want to make a big money with this. Welcome!!! Our target audience is very broad and very well targeted. We offer high quality products at low prices and with free shipping to all USA and some countries. Potential for UNLIMITED earnings $$$. $100k per month minimum. Just work on a good advertising campaign.

How can the future owner improve the business?

To keep the business costs are relatively very cheap. I will cite some fees: * Domain name (Godaddy) $ 3 * Shopify Apps and month - $ 110 (if you do not want to use some apps, it decreases) and ad campaigns, targeted traffic in store products. There is a possibility that you can boost the earnings limits insanely connecting an email marketing platform ... The biggest expenses are in advertising. That will determine where you want to go. We can to get customers from various sources of traffic: Instagram - We have an account (to facilitate contact with customers) Facebook page - We have an page (Empowering the customer and company relationship) Website - (Organic Traffic) You can boost the amount you want to reach! PS : If you want to improve, increase more "sophistication, elegance" in website design, and take business seriously, investing in improvements to get the best and best profits $$$, we advise you to change the "theme" of shopify shop, for a "premium theme". There are several themes that will give the "face" of the company with the style, power you want. One tip, is to talk to shopify's theme support, ask them what theme will most convert sales visits to you, according to your business. The potential of this company is multi millionaire. Make good use.

What work have you put into the store?

Woww, a tons of hours of focus attention. 2 years of create content, designs, ideas, marketing, social, ... Very intense period. 15 hours per day of dedication on the last 6 months.
Time to run this business: approximately 8 hours per week
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

  • Logo and branding assets

    I will transfer all the company to your name. All files, all social accounts login and password about the company, I will give to you.

  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

    Oww, I will support you until you are totally pleases with the business. If you want, I will help you to use ALL apps on my shoppify business account. The benefits that each app make, and how you can increase. I will indicate the knowlodeg secrets for to guarantee your sucess $$$ with ecomerce shopify. POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE. Is a paid knowledge. But is EXCEPTIONAL!

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    I will give to you the pictures of the company, Logo, Banner, all photo about the Fashion Stylist.

Social Media

Social followers3,020subscribers
Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

*Investing on facebooks ads , product per product. * Creating an Email Marketing , To build a list, grow up the list until the limit , and sell all products of the store by email. * Traffic Organic * Instagram custumers All this customer sources working and generating sales visit to your business.

Skills to have

* Email marketing is very powerfull knowledge. Increase A LOT the sales. * Marketing for to sell each product. Facebook ads for example... ( or you can pay for someone to make your campaing ... )

Adonis S.

Running this business for 4 months
Hello friends, Adonis here, Im a Internet Marketer since 2014, a ton of powerful knowledge in the field of digital marketing acquired since already. I already did make a lot of paid high quality courses about marketing digital which gave me powerful knowledge. I am in charge of events, I have a production company, I have 2 other companys on Internet and I am finishing my MBA in management. Fascinated by creating sources of income on autopilot!
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