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Business Story

Why this business was started

I am around pets since I was a kid, so I wanted to start something pets related niche. I wanted to start with dog supplies business but came across that the dog supplies market is fully covered by big fishes like Amazon, Petco, Chewy and few other big brands. I decided to do research on Cat Furniture businesses and came across there is a huge demand of Cat products in USA. The research I came across honestly blown my mind which I am sharing below. Percent of households owning Cats = 25.4% Number of households owning = 32 million and keep growing year by year Total number of Cats in United States = 59 million That was enough for me to jump into it but as it was my first venture, I wanted to start with something light without investing money in inventory, storage and marketing etc. I invested couple of months to find suppliers who had high quality and unique products for Cats with the warehouse facility in US, so I don't have to deal with 45 days shipping from China. After that I was good to go.

The reason of selling this business

Honestly speaking this was really tough decision for me as I was making great money by putting just 20-25 hours a week but one of my friends who just started a chatbots tech company in SF made me a really good offer so I decided to sell this one so I can invest all of my time into it. I also have 2 kids, so I was running out of time to manage or grow this business.

What's involved in running this business

As we all know how expensive it is to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest and TikTok and it comes with tons of competition and there is no guaranty of making sales. So, I decided to do it differently by selling my products on Etsy and it did wonders for me without even putting a dollar in marketing or ads. I have started selling on Etsy in middle of September 2021 and I did it till end of May 2022 and I have made $330K in sales which you will see in screenshots below and all I did with the help of Seo only. Note: I am not here to sell you my Etsy shop or store and also there is no way I can transfer or sell it to you. You will have to create your own new shop but with my upfront instructions, tricks and hacks which I will provide you can make same amount of money I was making in very short period of time. I am selling you my shopify store but you will get everything with it what I had when I was running my Etsy shop. Please read carefully Things you will get from me to start your Etsy business 1. A complete SEO of all 100 -110 products with fully optimized titles and tags which will help your listings to take it to the page 1 of search results within 1-2 weeks. A professional Seo freelancer charge somewhere $20-25 per listing to fully optimize the listings with new titles and tags. I spend around $3000 to optimize my listings to get these types of insane results and I will be handing over to you all the optimized tittles and tags included in this store price. 2. Professional images and banners so make your shop stand out from the crowd and your competitors. 3. I will personally introduce you to my suppliers and also, they will give you small discount on every order which will help you to make more profit on every order. 4. A proper plan to grow the sales with the same tricks I executed while growing my shop. 5. I will be here for you for few months to help you with any obstacle you are facing while managing or growing your shop. 6. High quality professional products videos specially made for Etsy listings with high quality cameras. I have around 30-35 videos which I made specially for Etsy. Products with videos sells more than products with no videos on Etsy. By now you must be thinking that why I have to buy his shopify store in order to sell on Etsy. I can simply download the images from the website and copy product description and put it to Etsy and I am good to go. Well, it's not that easy because Etsy don't allow drop shipping and your shop will be deactivated in no matter of time and the whole plan will go into vain beacuse a one person can have only one shop in life. With the instructions, tricks and hacks I will give it to you after sale with that you will never have this issue and you will be able to sell for as long as you want on Etsy.

Things you will get by buying this shopify store 1. A well-built clean design on premium customized theme which is compatible on both desktop and mobile. I have spent $4000 approx. just on the design of the website and it looks like a proper branded store. 2. Each product comes with high quality professional images. 3. A proper fully seo optimized product description of each product without any mistake at all in wording. 4. The whole store is fully SEO optimized and I have spent $2000 for doing Onpage seo with high quality backlinks. You can see the results by googling the Feline Porter and it will pop up with our website, social media links and product pictures on the very first page. 5. All social media handles Facebook page with business manager. Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Twitter account will be handed over to you. 6. Subscribed Email list of 1800+ customers. A one email typically brings 100+ unique visitors to your shop as it goes to their inboxes. 7. I will personally introduce you to my suppliers and also, they will give you small discount on every order which will help you to make more profit on every order. 8.A pre-built brand value. I have 2300+ orders and 700+ 5-star reviews on Etsy and even though I am not selling on Etsy I still gets traffic from the referrals from my clients I built on Etsy. 9. My store is also approved by Shopify Shop app and you can also get some traffic from the app when someone will search for cat products. I have tried to add as much information I can but if you believe you are missing something or you need some additional information, please feel free to reach out to me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Regards Sunny

This business was founded: 6 months ago
Time to run this business: approximately 20 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
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  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin50%
  • Avg. sales /month5
Other details about profit: I have added the Shopify profits and orders per month on top. Please see the screenshots I have added or read the Information below for Etsy shop Stats. Total Sales I have on Etsy from SEP 2021 to MAY 2022 = $350K Average Profit per month after all expenses = $12-15K approx. Average profit % on every order = 30-35% I.E I have an order for $100 I paid $60-65 to my supplier to ship the product which included shipping price as well 6.5 % is Etsy marketplace Fee Anywhere around $30-35 is my profit after all expenses. Number of orders I get on Etsy per month = 250-300 If I had these massive number of sales on Shopify, I could have easily sold it for $150-200K.
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    • Personal support after sale

      I will give personal support for 2 months with any issue will be facing while growing your shop or store.
    • Domain

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      Will be transferred by email or Wetranster
    • Social media

      Total followers800subscribers
    • Suppliers

      I will personally introduce you to my suppliers and also, they will give you small discount on every order which will help you to make more profit on every order.
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    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    The best way I would grow or I have grown it by selling on Etsy. I have started selling on Etsy in middle of September 2021 and I did it till end of May 2022 and I have made $330K in sales without even spending a dollar on ads. I did it with the help of Seo only. The other way to grow is advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

    Skills to have

    No there are specific skills required. A person who is willing to put time and efforts can do wonders with this store.


    Gurpreet G.Current store owner
    Hi Everyone, My Name is Sunny and currently I am living in Northern California. I have done master's in business, and I am an entrepreneur by profession.


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