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Business Story

Why this business was started

I started this store to learn the basics of dropshipping and General Ecommerce. Basically to learn and expand personal knowledge. I think the site has alot of potential in professional or even committed people starting out.

The reason of selling this business

I am Selling this site to Re invest and cover time and money spent. I may Re invest in A fresh store or even look into a different venture altogether. I honestly See the potential in this store within better hands.

What's involved in running this business

Honestly i have put about 4 - 5 hours a day into this store but that may be because i have been learning and also finding out what catch peoples attention the most. I think in professional hand it could be run with as little as 10 hours a week.
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

    Not Included

  • Logo and branding assets

    I will Send you the logo images used on this store and also some other banners created.

  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

    I will be available to help with minor things and explanation of anything regarding this site after purchase is made.

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    All Product Photos come from the Oberlo and Ali Express Suppliers and are free to use.

Social Media

Social followers157subscribers
Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

I Would invest time into conversion rate, SEO and Facebook ads. Maybe Instagram influences.

Skills to have

Basic Dropshipping knowledge and Knowledge of oberlo.