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  • Personal support after sale

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General description

GlamRosa has been around in Shopify for almost one and a half year, in the costume jewelry industry and accessories industry. We are targeting fashion savvy females between the age of 18-35. I started the company on my own after graduation, all self funded. My dream was to make this store a success in Asia in the next couple of years, by being able to build a brand that people can remember fondly of and think about when they want a change in style. At the start, I've focused 75% of the time on UX, and neglected on making sales and increasing followers. It was a challenge that I've found start up stores are struggling with, they sold hero products but the user experience was lack-luster. Many would have felt that my priorities are wrong (and I agree), but my long-term journey was to learn and it has given me an opportunity to get my dream job. Unfortunately, this job is taking much more time than I have planned, and the bits of spare time I have left is being spent with family. I am struggling at growing the company to greater heights, especially building followers on Social Media. I'm more than happy to help with any additional details or questions.

Why should someone buy this store?

You'll be getting it for 1. Customised features - Navigation menu (Many dropdowns, banners upload etc) - Ajax cart - Discount function (Web can support promotional sales) - Product filter - Wishlist - Currency rates - Color grouping - Product labels - Responsive web design on desktop and mobile - Landing pages (eg FAQ, Newsletter page, shipping) This is a webstore that is highly sophisticated and good to grow as an established store in the near future. These features took months to design and coordinate with the app teams and developer. 2. Connections and materials - Logistic and warehouse company and suppliers - Web developer - Packaging, labels, tissue paper etc Everything has been well-prepped for a dropshipping store not just in Asia, but worldwide. I can provide you with special contacts that can help you get all these sorted.

How can the future owner improve the business?

Time. The store will grow and prosper if one can spend more time on sourcing for trending products, creating the brand with better banner and marketing out on social media (facebook and instagram).

What work have you put into the store?

I've fixed every single part of the store like a jigsaw puzzle, from designing, arranging for logistics, to marketing like social media and newsletter. It took me one year to get everything to what it is now.