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Business Story

Why this business was started

GlowBeat is actually my first Shopify store and I've always loved nightlife and club culture so I wanted the concept of the store to be a one that I would really be interested in so that I can have a good time while learning and applying the concepts of building a store on Shopify in a widely manner. My purpose with GlowBeat was to start my own international dropshipping business in a field that I would be happy to spend time in. So I acted quite picky and spent a lot of time building it and I think I took out quite a job! At its' final phase, GlowBeat has got a total of 115 carefully picked dropshipping products classified in 15 categories containing wearables, accessories and decoratives that fit in a glow in the dark niche and they are ready to sell with their constantly updating price and stock levels. In addition, GlowBeat contains a news blog ready to go together with its' social channels that have been prepared in facebook, instagram and youtube with several featured products already uploaded and these channels will also be transferred to the buyer.

The reason of selling this business

Because of my ongoing job and other web development projects plus the local dropshipping businesses I run, I was actually going to stop building GlowBeat but eventually it turned into a hobby for me! Afterall I really wanted to see how it would be after it's complete. As it is my first and only store here at the moment, I'm putting it from $125 and I surely offer my help to the buyer in any aspect regarding the store and dropshipping business. Feel free to contact me any time.

What's involved in running this business

The best part of a dropshipping business is that it doesn't require nearly any initial capital. That means you don't produce or buy and store any goods initially and then wait for customers to give orders. In dropshipping you order your products from your supplier directly to your customers' address AFTER you get an order from your customer. You don't even get to see the product as it goes directly from your supplier to your customer. At the first stages of the business, you have to spent quite a lot of time on researching product niches, products and their market conditions, building and designing your store and classifying your products in several categories. You will also have to open and design social channels for your store for advertising purposes, upload your products into them, define your target audience and create and run suitable advertising campaigns for them. After this preparation phase, especially if you have done it the right way, things start to get a lot more easier. You just have to wait for some traffic to flow into your store and send orders to you. As you receive orders you fulfill them as described above and you become a dropshipper! So, buying a prebuilt store will not only save you tremendous amount of time and effort, but will also help you focus directly on your add campaigns and start your business effortlessly. The important thing here is to find the right store for your needs. A complete store that suits best to your requirements with the features it holds is a serious headstart in this business. Many dive into dropshipping thinking that it's an easy peasy job from top to bottom, but that expectation turns to frustration when the struggle starts directly in the first step. So, many quit before even seeing the easy peasy and tasty part! If you make a little research in the market, you can see that GlowBeat is one of the most competitive stores, especially when it comes to cost efficiency. By purchasing GlowBeat, you will own a carefully built, originally designed, complete store all together with its' original logo, news blog and social media channels in facebook, instagram and youtube. You will directly and effortlessly start running a business with 15 collections containing 115 carefully picked dropshipping products that suit in a glow in the dark niche which is a field with a very specific target audience, low competiton and high profit ratios. The price and stock levels of the products will be automatically updated by the the Oberlo app and you will get all the help you need from me. So, you will only have to deal with the fun part! The easy peasy job that all dropshippers dream of...

This business was founded: about 3 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 20 hours per week


  • Shopify plan
  • Adds through social channels but the cost is up to you...
  • Taxes

Sale Includes

  • Physical inventory

    Not available for starter stores
  • Logo and branding assets

    The original logo designs will be sent by e-mail.
  • Personal support after sale

    As a web developer and an experienced local dropshipper, I will provide any support the buyer requires regarding the store and dropshipping business.
  • Domain

    Not Included
  • Product photos

    They will be transferred with the store.
  • Social media

    Total followers17subscribers
  • Suppliers

    Not available for starter stores
  • Mailing List

    Not Included

Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

GlowBeat is in a field that only a few companies compete. Anyone interested can easily see that by making a little research on the market. So the buyer doesn't have to be too competitive in the business. Another advantage of the business field is that it's target audience is so specific that you can easily create kinds of targeted adds for them. Speaking of adds, the facebook and instagram pages and the youtube channel of the store where you can run your add campaigns are also up and running with a few featured products already uploaded. These social channels will also be transferred to the buyer after purchase. There's also a news blog in the store where you can announce your upcoming campaigns or plans and get feedback from your subscribers. There are already 115 carefully picked dropshipping products in GlowBeat ready to sell with their constantly updating price and stock levels and they are already classified in 15 categories as you can see from the dropdown menus in the header area. So, you won't have to spend so much time on searching for products and classifying them in the menus. The cost per piece of the products in GlowBeat range from $0.33 to $28.44 which means that you won't have to spare too much funds or credit card limits for the product costs either. Low level product costs will also promote higher rates of profit because your profit rate won't affect the customer as much when compared to higher cost levels. And when it's joined with a low level of competiton it gets much better as you can be a lot more flexible in your pricing policy. So, if you are new in dropshipping, GlowBeat will offer a great environment for you to gain experience and grow your business. If you already have some or as you gain experience, you can easily grow the business by investing a little more on the adds and expanding the product range step by step. Actually, if I ran GlowBeat as I was intending to in the first place, as the business grew in time, my idea was to carry the store up to a more serious level through reaching proffesional customers in the show business...

Skills to have

There are no specific skills necessary. Language issues can be solved through Google Translate and Grammary and I will provide personal support in all other aspects regarding the store and dropshipping business.


TOLGA O.Current store owner
I'm a certified web developer dealing with several ongoing projects and an experienced dropshipper running several local dropshipping businesses. You can verify my web developer certificate from the verification address I can provide if you would like to contact me.


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