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General description

About this store


Groovy Grabz is a Shopify flex store, meaning it can be used to sell products that belong to different niches, though now it is used to sell fishing gear. Flex store gives you greater FLEXibility to sell virtually anything and not to be tight up to one specific niche. For instance you can sell beach supplies during the summer but when winter comes you can easily switch to, say, skiing gear. If your store name was “Joe’s Beach Supplies” you’d have hard selling skiing equipment. But it doesn’t mean that with a flex store you cannot concentrate on one particular niche. In fact you should do exactly that, Cloud 9 Fishing collection is a corner-stone of my store and it is PRETTY LUCRATIVE NICHE and responsible for most of its revenue. Because I market to worldwide audience, my sales are virtually same during any season. My Facebook Pixel is very well trained, esp. to sell anything FISHING!

This has been designed to dropship all the products from China without ever touching, packaging and shipping the actual items. Doesn’t mean you cannot use this store to ship it yourself, however, with dropshipping you don’t have to have a warehouse filled with items that you, for more than one reasons, might not be able to sell. Dropshipping setup allows you to get paid first, then use a fraction of generated money to pay to dropshippers in China that ship items directly to your buyer. This way you work smarter, not harder- virtually all risk is eliminated and you’re totally in control.

Why I’m selling my store

I’ve learned a great deal by running my Shopify store as well as Facebook campaigns. Lately I’ve done some part-time digital media consulting for various businesses and now I want to pursue it full-time. I simple cannot operate two full-time businesses and for this reason I’m selling my store.


Education or the lack of it could make a difference between success and failure. That's why as a store owner I’ve decided to be educated by the most successful mentors in Shopify/ Facebook/ Email marketing field such as Adrian and Anthony Morrison. During 2016/17 around $15, 000 has been invested by me into as a store owner in special software apps and educational courses such as Adrian Morrison's highly acclaimed Ecom Success Academy that provide a blueprint for building and running a successful ecom business. I have attended hundreds of webinars and some in person mastermind meetups and I have implemented acquired knowledge in perfecting my brand- in 2017 have been interviewed by Morrison Publishing “Success TV” as one of their successful students.

Facebook Business Page and Advertising

Facebook with its ability to target potential buyers with laser precision has been used as a main advertising platform for this store. Cloud 9 Fishing business page has 22,000 followers and counting. During 2017 I’ve have invested thousands of dollars into my ads that allowed Facebook pixel to mature and to generate 276,710 visits, 4,138 orders with gross revenue of $127,975. With all these users visiting the store, I’ve have accumulated valuable pixel data about my buyer that can be used by a future owner like yourself over and over again for creating Facebook custom and look-alike audiences and using it to re-target those audiences. This data is important as a good and active mail list.

Worldwide Audience

While most of my buyers are from USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada and UK, I have always targeted worldwide audience. Facebook offers amazing opportunities- higher conversions with lower ad spend when it comes to targeting a lot of countries. So many people from those countries do not have a local Walmart to go to and are eager to buy from you! Dropshipping model allowed me to mail products to our buyers located all over the world; shipping time to some countries actually cost us less and took less time that to countries like USA and UK.

Free Traffic

Facebook paid traffic is still considered by the most experts in the industry to be of the highest quality. Facebook also has superb capabilities to generate same high quality unpaid traffic by engaging your audience. I have done many things to find and utilize some excellent free or low cost viral traffic that has been generated for example by sweepstakes/ giveaways.

Email List (over 10,000 subscribers are included with this store purchase)

Email list is the more important part of your ecom business, it is a life blood of your store and your business. Because just by regularly emailing your offers to your list you can generate traffic and free income, meaning you don’t have to pay Facebook, Google or any other advertiser for this traffic. Your email list is the only one asset that cannot be taken from you even if both your Shopify store and Facebook account get blocked or closed. You will always be able to continue emailing your subscribers and sell them your product. You can also generate additional income by mailing other vendors offers to your list and charge those vendors based on the number of clicks.

While some prefer to purchase their email listing (solo ads) from unverified sources and wonder how many on their list are actually interested in whatever they had to offer, (you’ll never know for sure who is on that list…) our “homemade” 10,000+ list has been gradually build up and includes only those who has actually purchased from us as well as highly qualified potential buyers that have entered their personal info and payment method. Our weekly promotional email campaigns generate from 200 to $1000 in sales. You only limited to how many people would open up your email, and if your come up with an attractive offer, chances are they would.

Scaling Techniques

Relying solely on scaling up Facebook advertising budget to increase store profitability has set up many Shopify store owners for failure. Even if you have a hot-selling item #1, you must not only be able to scale this item up (vertically) but also scale it sideways, meaning you have to find a way to make your buyers to add additional related items (#2, #3, #4, and so on) to their carts- you must know how to increase your AOV (average order value) by up-selling/ down-selling to the buyer. Your AOV could also be increased by making your buyer want to purchase multiple versions or bundles of same Item (different sizes and colors, for example). To further increase your store revenue, in addition to “front end” money, you must be able to generate” back end” money, meaning those who has purchase from you today should be compelled to purchase from you again and thus to become your repeat customers. A good Shopify store must have an automated “post-purchase” email sequence, where various items (#2, #3, #4, and so on) are offered to the email subscribers by automatically emailing them attractive offers with time sensitive special discount, etc. VERY FEW SHOP OWNERS KNOW ABOUT IT AND EVEN LESS IMPLEMENT IT. THIS STORE HAS ALL OF THE ABOVE IN PLACE.

Over the last two year Grovy Grabz store has been strategically and methodically designed and constantly improved to include all of the above tactics. Hundreds of items have been researched, cherry picked and thoroughly tested before including them into our collection. Each store listing has been created with a goal of increasing the AOV and inviting my first-time customer to become my repeat customer. A number of highly effective up-sell/ down-sell, coupons, abandoned cart and other apps have been added to Groovy Grabz Shopify store to squeeze out every single penny and to avoid leaving any money on the table.

I had some amazing result- while our AOV has doubled, and in some cases tripled. More often than before I’re seeing some high ticket order of $60, $80, $100, $150 coming in. I have seen a couple of $300- $600 orders. My record high single order was for 44 items and total amount of $1,041.50! That has confirmed that I’m on the right path and that my hard work to increase AOV has started to yield some serious results.

Store profitability

Our reason to be in business is to make some profit, agree? Those who open a brand-new store will spend a lot of time and money learning and making mistakes that will cost them dearly. Statistics tell us that the vast majority of new stores owner are not profitable and a lot of them quit because they aren’t able to stay profitable. It took me almost a year and around $50K in education, products research and development and advertising testing to find what works and ultimately to make my store profitable. I was lucky, because I have other profitable business, so I could actually afford to invest 50K from that business; it allowed me to stay “afloat” while making it profitable. My goal was 35-35-20-10, where 35% goes into Facebook advertising, 35% into cost of products- it leaves me with 20% of PROFIT. 10% are spent to pay for my Shopify store, Mailchimp and a few other necessary apps. Time in itself is the most perishable and therefore precious asset. So, if you’d like to save a year of your life + 50K of your hard-earn money, get this store that has already proven to make money. Save yourself from those sleepless nights, headaches and frustrations that I’ve experienced for the entire year while growing it to be successful.

Happy Customers =Very Low Refund Rate

From the very inception of our store I’ve made a personal decision to offer my buyers only high-quality items. My iPhone is made in China and many good quality products as well. But China, as every other country, makes low-quality items as well and it is up to you, as store owner to find and sell only high quality in order to avoid returns and unnecessary burden on you customer service. Personally, I have never included any products in our collection that had less that 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on AliExpress. I went even further- every single item you see in my store has been ordered and tested by me prior to adding it to the collection. I’ve coupled it with fast shipping (epacket) and great customer service, for example, answering all buyers emails within 24 hours. I have avoided temptation of making a “quick buck” at our buyers’ expense and it paid off in more than one way. #1 The store has earned its customer TRUST. #2 Out of $129,540 total sales I have refunded only $1,565.87- that’s just above 1%! Happy customers are essential for anyone who wants to build a successful brand.

Building a successful brand

Groovy Grabs and Cloud 9 Fishing in particular are on its way to become recognized brands. More fishing enthusiasts increasingly recognizing our store name and it shows- I see an increase of organic (free) traffic from Google. Both paid and free traffic of this store is excellent. I've been notified by Shopify that Groovy Grabz store traffic volume is in the top 1% of all Shopify stores that launched the same week as Groovy Grabz:

Some effort has also been invested in developing Hunting and Cat niches. The future owner might continue to develop this highly popular niche collection.

Groovy Grabs store has been my true brainchild. It took a lot of sweat and blood to bring it to this level and we are quite proud of it. The truth is that if you are willing to start your niche store from a scratch it will take you quite a bit of time before it becomes PROFITABLE. Only by implementing everything I described above I’ve managed to take it profitable. It took me hundreds of days and sleepless nights- so purchasing this store from me you’re saving 1.5 years of your life and you are avoiding numerous pitfalls that have cause much damage to new ecom businesses.

Free 1 week training is included in the selling price

If you are a business person that is not too familiar either with Shopify platform, Facebook advertising or dropshipping, I’m willing to provide you with some essential FREE training and support just to get you going. I’m very busy with my consulting business but I’m willing to dedicate, say a week of my time to consult you, unless you are more experienced and successful in this area. I'd like to see my store to go to any right person like yourself and I want you to succeed in running it and taking it to the next level.

Please email Vic [REDACTED] with your questions.

Why should someone buy this store?

If you’d like to save 2 years of your life + 50K of your hard-earn money, get this store that has already proven to make money. Save yourself from those sleepless nights, headaches and frustrations that I’ve experienced for the entire year while growing it to be successful. Please read very detailed description above.

How can the future owner improve the business?

By scaling up Fishing Collection and by developing other collections: Hunting, Dogs, Cats, Smartphones and general Groovy Grabs Collection. The new owner could also add any other collection, since this store is a FLEX store and could be successfully used to sell virtually anything. Please read very detailed description above.

What work have you put into the store?

Please read very detailed description above that in details describe the nature of my store and my vision for its future.

This business was founded: almost 3 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 55 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

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Other details about profit: Please read very detailed description above.

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    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Add more sizzling items to my store Hire a virtual assistant to fulfill increase number of orders

    Skills to have

    Perseverance, knowledge of the details and hard work! Nobody builds a big store overnight. You must test many products to find what converts and leaves you with healthy profit margin. Collection of leads is crucial. As long as you manage to get new customers through your door on daily basis and keep them happy with your product and service, your store will gradually grow into a lucrative money making machine.

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