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Business Story

Why this business was started

I decided to start Hunting and Fishing Stuffs because my investigations revealed that it is the fastest growing and one of the most stable niches. It is also easier to source products through Oberlo. Hunting and Fishing is rank very high on the list of hobbies across various population groupings. This makes it easier to advertise online and most certainly easier to find customers. The possibility of repeat sales in this niche cannot be overemphasized.

The reason of selling this business

The company that I work for expanded and opened a new branch (that I now run) soon after I opened my store. The responsibilities that came along with this new outlet increased and left me with very little time to concentrate on anything else. I will be doing injustice to this business by kicking off but only spending at most one hour per week on it. It is the tale of running after two animals and ending up with none. I decided to sell the store to someone who not only has passion for this exciting niche but also has sufficient time to invest on growing the store.

What's involved in running this business

A cursory research will show that this is a worthy niche to invest into. Not only is it very profitable but it also boasts many advantages such as the ease of sourcing products, the sheer size of the market in the US, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and beyond, and the possibility of repeat business, but to mention a few. The store is well set up with all the features, security certificates, all relevant apps and a trendy theme. These features will help the buyer hit the ground running.
Time to run this business: approximately 0 hours per week
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

    Not Included

  • Logo and branding assets

    This information will be send to the buyer by email.

  • Social media accounts

    Not Included

  • Personal support after sale

    Not Included

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    Not Included

Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

The key to success in every business is to allocate resources to it. The most important in this case being time. Allocating 2 hours per day to run this business will create a huge impact. If I were not selling this business I would simply be advertising it on Facebook and the result will be better and better. My advice is to set yourself a challenge and work towards achieving the target you set. Facebook Blueprint will give you an idea of how to market this business. You will testify to the opportunity that lies in this business.

Skills to have

Facebook Blueprint (available for free) will help beginners with the requisite knowledge to advertise and make money in this business.