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General description

Kind Temple is an online store with a mission that sells only hand-crafted, fair trade certified products. Kind Temple is not only a store, but is part of the global fair trade movement. In this information age, mass amounts of people are waking up to what conscious living will mean for our future. This includes our environment, economy, and the way we treat our fellow human beings. The products offered on Kind Temple are made in environmentally friendly ways, with environmentally friendly materials. They are also hand-crafted by passionate artisans across the globe who are treated kindly and paid a fair wage for their work. These companies across the globe do philanthropic work in their local communities, helping with education, clean water, access to economic opportunities, and providing jobs with fair wages.

Branding & Marketing

At Kind Temple, we urge people to 'Shop Kindly' by being more conscious of where they spend their money. We encourage people to support a 'Kind Economy' that ensures a fair living for suppliers across the globe. All of our vendors are certified fair trade businesses who use their profits to help local communities across the globe. This branding is very strategic. The simple word 'kind' can translate to many marketing objectives. One example is how we ask visitors to 'Kindly Subscribe' or 'Kindly Follow' us on social media. 'Temple' also alludes to, for instance, how our bodies are our temples. We can use this idea to sell jewelry, clothing, and body care products (and if this company became big, even foods). A 'temple' can also be our home (hence the home decor).

We believe that Kind Temple is a brand with a noble mission that in the right hands, can make a positive impact on the world. Fair Trade is a growing industry that just needs the right branding and strategy, and we believe Kind Temple holds this in its essence. The simple logo and tagline get the point across without limiting the seller in future endeavors and growth. The great thing about this branding is that it can expand to carry products in all niches and markets. The world is waiting for the fair trade industry to blow up and provide fair opportunities for people across the globe. This could grow to be a very successful company.

Our Story

The products currently offered on Kind Temple include home decor, jewelry & accessories, children's gifts, and meditation supplies. I have created this store out of a curiosity about drop shipping and a knack for branding that then took a life of its own, resulting in this beautiful online store that is ready for someone to turn into a profitable and meaningful business. I originally looked into creating a store that used drop shipping through Ali Express, but I couldn't consciously work through this platform because of the lack of transparency in terms of where these items are made and how the working conditions might be for their makers. I didn't want to be plugged into and connected to an economy this exploits its workers just to make a buck. I believe that fair trade will one day be the basis of the global economy.

That's when I found a fair trade wholesaler who ships their items from Florida. This also solved the problem of long wait times, thus eliminating endless emails from people wondering where their products are. I carefully curated the items I wanted to sell in the store according to what I thought would sell best overall, and there are over a thousand extra products downloaded that you may still add to the store if you choose to do so. I simply have them listed as unavailable at the moment. One product category I have yet to add because it is not quite time (plus it is extensive and will take some time to optimize) is a 'Holiday' category. They have some amazing and unique products in this category and can be a huge opportunity if marketed correctly before and during Thanksgiving and Christmas times. In fact, this entire site will be amazing to market around Christmas time. It's full of unique gifts!

Our DropShip Supplier

Our supplier at the moment is a well established company that distributes to fair trade shops across the country. Our account is connected to them through Stock Sync, so there is always up to date quantities (twice daily) on products. They have a dropship warehouse AND a wholesale warehouse, so they have a backup to pull from at all times. They update their product file monthly, so with each new month comes new products. They put our Kind Temple logo and tagline on each packing slip, and with a $10 monthly membership will put inserts or business cards into the packages as well (you provide them with the inserts). The premium membership also offers a discount calendar througout the year. They will work with you with any particular promotions you want to run if you propose a detailed advertising plan as well. They have been a wonderful company to consult with so far- a great starter company to use in growing the brand. Oh, did I mention that they offer a whopping 40% profit margin? Amazing for drop shipping! They also provide you with a shipping tracking number right after they ship the order- which you can then send straight to the customer as you fulfill the order.

Invested Work & Time

I have spent countless hours building this store. I didn't want to overload my visitors with too many categories and collections, so I have carefully curated the products I believe will sell the best. By doing this, I have ensured that each collection they view is full of beautiful, high quality products that are relevant to current trends and are able to be targeted to many different hyper niche markets. This supplier has titled these items with parentheses and letters at the end of each item in order to organize them by category, which I have effectively removed and instead organized the product collections by vendor instead of title. This gives our site a much more professional look than others that might using the same drop shipping supplier.

I have put a focus on the product vendors while still clearly categorizing products. On each vendor page, I have created a bulleted list about what the particular company is about and what kind of philanthropic work they do in their local communities. When people buy products from these brands/businesses, they will know that their investment not only gives them a high quality, unique, hand-crafted item, but makes a positive impact in the world as well.

I have rounded our prices and dropped the decimals, which creates a much more high class and quality shopping experience. Since these items are about their feel good backstory and incredible hand-crafted quality, they are not necessarily 'cheap' items. This means that marketing towards a middle and upper middle class customer base who is socially and environmentally conscious is key. We must market to those who prefer quality and impact over a low price.

We currently offer free shipping sitewide. We realized that by marking our products up according to shipping costs instead of charging shipping in checkout, we avoid the massive amounts of cart abandonments that come with the sticker shock of shipping costs. Even with the upcharge, our prices are comparable and competitive to other stores with similar items. We do offer expedited shipping for a small upcharge in accordance with the amount our dropshipper charges (according to weight).

I have went into each and every item, edited anything that looked unprofessional or unclear, and added a phrase that I believe will evoke quality and an understanding of what people are investing in. 'Blessed and crafted by the hands of Indian artisans, Tibetan artisans, South African artisans, Mexican artisans,' etc. According to who made each item, this phrase is on its description, bringing the product to life. I have also added 'Certified Fair Trade' and 'Eco-Friendly Materials' as well, just for extra comfort in knowing that everything customers buy have a positive impact on the world.

There is a 'Meet the Artisans' box under the description of each item that gives the story of the company/brand that has created the item. I have taken the artisan photos off of them to keep the site looking clean. We are saving photos of vendors for blog posts and advertising campaigns. I have created a blog and since I have begun creating high quality content that helps to support and grow the fair trade industry. This will include artisan/company profiles, awareness about workers exploitation and unfair labor laws in other countries, and promotion and news about the fair trade industry as a whole. We have reached out to a couple of the items' vendors directly and they have gladly provided us with photos and videos that support their individual missions and help us to thrive as well (you can add more detailed photos of products by doing this and also effectively advertise with them.)

I have created an automated cart recovery system through Omnisend, and automated welcome emails after people sign up for our newsletter. Omnisend is a great app for email newsletters, popups, landing pages, and automation, and offers incredible rates and an easy to use interface, which is why we chose it. You can edit these to how you see fit.

I have edited each item's title and description for SEO keywords (without being too long-tailed or unprofessional looking). We have created an Instagram and Facebook profile as well. I have opened up both Facebook and Instagram as direct sales channels through shopify, so people can directly buy when visiting those social media accounts.

We are only in the beginning stages of social media exposure and SEO so don't have too many followers yet. We just launched the site a couple of weeks ago. We are learning as we go, and doing our best to grow our following and create revenue, status, and authority by finding as many organic ways to reach people as possible in the beginning. This is all new to us, (my sister has been helping) so we are trying to put in the time to learn everything we can in order to grow the business and create something of value and impact, but we know it would be better in the hands of someone who knows the ins and outs of marketing and is willing to invest the money in advertising.

There is more invested work and time into this than listed above, little details that have made this store unique and valuable.

Why Sell?

This is a BRAND NEW store with great potential. I love the mission of this store and have been extremely strategic and creative in branding it, but I have realized that in order for it to thrive to its potential, it will need someone who is passionate about fair trade and willing to put in the work to make this happen. This store is perfect for someone who has a knack for social media marketing, SEO, and other online marketing skills. We are brand new to the whole marketing game, and feel that someone with skills in this area could really bring Kind Temple to life.

On top of those reasons, I have realized that I would like to focus on other endeavors that I know to be my correct path in life. I believe that the experience of creating this brand and store has given me many skills that will help me with my other business ventures, which happen to be partially online as well. It has also given me the opportunity to sell it, which will give me a boost in income which will help me on my path. I plan to sell this business to someone who sees its mission and true potential. I do believe that the fair trade industry will grow and become the basis for the global economy of the future (it may take a while, but people are waking up and it's happening!) and am so incredibly happy that I get to contribute to it by creating this brand and store. I know the value of what I have created- not only an online store but a vehicle for change, and I plan to sell it accordingly. Get it while it's hot because I am continuing to work on it, and the price will raise as I start to learn marketing and the store starts doing well (and it WILL do well!) I will weigh all offers and make my decisions based on this. Thank you for considering purchasing this brand and store!

Why should someone buy this store?

This is a great opportunity to invest in a business that has the potential for great growth and expansion.

How can the future owner improve the business?

This store could expand to include many other items in many niches. If someone has the capacity and business sense to do so, it could become an amazing company that goes beyond drop shipping.

What work have you put into the store?

See above! A few hundred hours. In order to run the store, the necessary work would be social media marketing/involvement weekly, other marketing endeavors, and order fulfillment, which is not automatic- each order needs to be placed with the drop ship company separately. I believe they will work with you on ways to make this more seamless when the store starts doing well. Customer service is another aspect.

Sale Includes

  • Physical inventoryNot Included
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos
  • SuppliersNot Included
  • Mailing listNot Included
  • Social Media
Krista S.Running this business for 10 months
I am a spiritual entrepreneur who is interested in helping others with self development. I created Kind Temple to test my potential in online store and brand creation and to learn online marketing strategies for future endeavors.


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