• Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month1,597
  • Avg. Profit /month


General description

Women's contemporary swimwear estabslished in February 12, 2017 with 3,692 uniques/mo making $1211.00 a month on average. With a 5.73% returning customer rate. The average value per order per customer is $36.

Dropshipping business with 14 000+ followers on instagram. The instagram has potential for various relationships with brand abassadors, affiliates and verified influencers.

1,500+ Emails with 24% open rate.

The website has always been optimized for mobile as this is where our customers are mostly coming from because of instagram. Use a mobile for a better experience of the website. The website has been using a custom theme not many other dropshipping sites are using. Furthermore, the site has been designed for sales, everything from the text within tha Call to action buttons to the color pallete used, research and behavior analysis was conducted in the design of the website. All imagery is of high quality and conveys trust.

We started the website while growing the instagram page at the same time. Everything was made in about 5 months and since then, we gradually stopped because of our busy lives and completely stopped since last year.

We know this would be a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to get their feet wet into this kind of industry and would like to sell the website with the instagram page together to someone willing to put time into it.

Who is your typical customer? Young women, 16-24 years old.

Please briefly describe the business model: E-commerce, Drop shipping

When was the business established? February 12, 2017:

How has the business evolved since it was first established? expands exponentially and neutral

Who is your typical customer? Young women, 16-24 years old.

Why is the business being sold? We are taking a different path in life and are busy with other things.

Are you looking to sell the company (stock sale) or just the assets of the business (asset sale)? Asset sale

Are there any social media accounts included in the sale? If so, please list them along with the URLs to such accounts. Instagram: 14 000+ Followers

Are there any mailing lists included in the sale? If so, which service providers are such lists held with and how many subscribers do they have? Newsletter and mailchimp: about 1500 Subscribers

Are there any rights, trademarks, intellectual property included in the sale? No

INVENTORY Does the business carry any inventory? If so, approximately how much inventory does the business keep at any given time and is any current inventory included in the price? There is no inventory due to drop shipping. It uses Oberlo to take products off Aliexpress.

Where is the business’s inventory kept? If in a third party warehouse or storage unit, can the rental agreement/lease of such warehouse or storage unit be transferred over to the buyer? Each Aliexpress supplier has their own warehouse in which we dropship from.

Is it necessary for the business to keep its inventory in a particular country or a state, in order to retain the current profitability? No. You just use drop shipping via Aliexpress to find the product.

How are shipments into and out of the warehouse/storage units managed? After the order has been shipped, the supplier sends you the tracking number and you send it to your customer automatically with Oberlo.


How many suppliers does the business use and for how long has the business used these suppliers? Each product has its own supplier. And you can easily replace each one by using AliExpress.

We always had the same suppliers and were always happy with their service. Does the business benefit from any volume pricing arrangements with any of its suppliers? No

Explain your payment terms with your supplier(s)? We pay off credit card using AliExpress

How often and through which channel do you pay your suppliers for purchased goods? Every new order using AliExpress

What is the average lead time from the day order is placed until the customer receives the good.

4-10 days

Have you changed suppliers in the past, if so, why? Yes. Sometimes the supplier sold out the product. Then, I just find another one with the same product.


Please provide a breakdown of the operations of your business Product Research/Development – Researching products for the entire business – 0-2 hours a week - conducting niche specific products to build revenue

Customer Support – answering tickets, emails –
1 hour a week. Managing Operations – overseeing the entire business – 2-3 hours a week. - instagram - contacting suppliers

Does the owner of the site need any specific skillsets in order to successfully maintain and manage the site? Social Media maintenance on instagram account

How do you handle customer support and what is the average volume? Email Around 4 emails every day

Do you employ any people or use any freelancers and if so, are such contracts accounted for on the Profit & Loss Statement and transferable to the new owner?

there are no freelancers working for me.


What are the primary traffic sources of the site? Instagram

Have you done any Search Engine Optimisation? If so, what level of SEO effort is required for the site to maintain its current traffic levels? No

To your knowledge, has the site ever received any search engine penalties (manual or algorithmic)? No

Do you or have you ever purchased traffic? If so, please provide a brief overview No

Do you run any other marketing campaigns, such as display advertising, social media marketing, offline advertising or anything else? No

How does the site rank for related keywords? We have many sales coming from Google but never followed the current keywords and ranking on google.


Which payment processor(s) does the web site utilize? Shopify Payments

Please confirm that all revenue sources are transferable to the new owner Yes. Everything can be transferred.

Is the website’s revenue kept separate from other businesses and/or personal accounts? No

Can the website’s revenue be accurately tracked back to the website, i.e. do payment descriptions/details include the website’s name or reference to the website’s products? Yes

Please provide a brief overview of your average profit margins and how have they evolved over the last 12 months? The profits grew up drastically in the first 60 days and then kept a fair level.

What is the site’s average Refund/Return rate over the last 12 months? What is the primary reason for the returns? Since store is open, we refunded 0,526% of our orders.

What are the main expenses of the business (please list any recurring expenses that account for more than 1% of overall revenue) There's no expenses besides the cost of the product itself on aliexpress.


What platform does the website use? (e.g. WordPress, OpenCart, OSCommerce, etc.) Shopify

Has the website changed platforms in the last 2 years? No.

Where is the site hosted and does this need to change after purchase? Shopify, the host does not need to change.


Please describe your main competitors Clothing brands that specialize in swimwear.

What makes the website better than its competition? The prices are much better with about the same quality.


Do you own any other internet-based businesses? If so, are any of them related to the website being sold? No.

Are you willing to sign a 3-year non-compete contract in the industry that the website operates in? No.

Will you provide 1 month of post-sale support & training, in order to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the business and its operations? Yes.

What are the primary growth opportunities that you see for the business going forward? Going to other social media like Facebook And Pinterest. I think facebook has a lot of opportunities in it.

Are there any geographical limitations to the potential buyer of the business (i.e. do they need to be based in a particular country, region or time zone to handle customer inquiries or to take over the financial and other accounts)? No.

Why should someone buy this store?

The business has outsourced all tedious tasks such as order fulfillment, customer service & social media posting can be outsourved as well making the work for a new business owner extremely easy. The Instagram account has 14.6k followers and took 5 months and hunred of ours doing manual growth and engament with potential customers. Simply posting on this account may generates various sales a month. We have not done any email marketing. When the company is purchased, I would like to stay on as a pro-bono advisor to ensure the growth of the website, and a return on invesntment for the new owner.

Traffic Health: Tier One Traffic. Pages / Session 5.10 Avg. Session Duration 00:02:12 Bounce Rate 20.21% I can also give access on Google Analytics as a guest.

How can the future owner improve the business?

We have not utilized Email Marketing, Google Ads, Google Ad Words, SnapChat Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, Television Ads, Radio Ads or YouTube Ads. We are underspending on Influencers & Facebook Ads. The Facebook Pixel is an extremely powerful from market research tool. Starting to run Facebook Ads would be crucial for long term exponential growth.

As the store grows; design, web development, conversion rate optimization, social media posting & customer service may be outsourced to professionals or automated programs.

What work have you put into the store?

We started Koala swimwear with an instargram page for validation. Once we saw drastic growth and traction. It was only logical to build a website to which the traffic from instagram could be directed towards.

The website has always been optimized for mobile as this is where our customers are mostly coming from because of instagram. Use a mobile for a better experience of the website. The website has been using a custom theme not many other dropshipping sites are using. Furthermore, the site has been designed for sales, everything from the text within tha Call to action buttons to the color pallete used. All imagery is of high quality and conveys trust.

Time to run this business: approximately 2 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month1,597Verified
  • Avg. Profit /month
  • Profit Margin60%
  • Avg. Sales /month50

Other details about profit:SALES Revenue Feb 17- $347 (9 orders) Mar 17- $1,619 (39 orders) Apr 17- $2,029 (57 orders) May 17- $1,960 (49 orders) Jun 17- $1,927 (47 orders) Costs Feb 17- $100 Mar 17- $445 Apr 17- $786 May 17- $847 Jun 17- $860 Profit Feb 17- $247 Mar 17- $1,174 Apr 17- $1,243 May 17- $1,113 Jun 17- $1,067 Net profit between 50-70% I can give access to reports and dashboard on Shopify as a guest. So the buyer may further analyze.

Total revenue
Revenue data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller
Total traffic
Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


  • Shopify plan
  • Domain

Sale Includes

  • Physical inventory

    Not Included

  • Logo and branding assets

    All logo and branding assets will be sent via e-mail. Or however is most convenient for the future owner.

  • Personal support after sale

    I will provide any amount of support that is needed for a smooth transition from me to the future owner. I will accessible most of the time thru whats app for quick and easy communication.

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    All photos on the shop will be included via the Shopify account. All product photos are of high quality.

  • Suppliers

    Not Included

  • Mailing list
  • Social Media
    Total followers14,600subscribers

Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

If I were not selling I would grow the business over the next five years by heavily investing any profits into into updating the Facebook page and running ads as well as working on new marketing strategies and A/B testing.

Skills to have

Not really, by showing intent in browsing the exchange website by shopify the new owner already posses the skills and knowledge required to run this business.

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