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  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month53,684
  • Avg. profit /month

Business Story

Why this business was started

This store was originally started to have the ability to test trending products of various niches and scale them heavily using the Facebook Ads platform.

But in order to achieve this, we had to go out of our way to find and train talented team members who could automate the product testing process for us.

Since then, we have established a full team consisting of a product researcher, description writer, video editor, and facebook ads launcher. This has ultimately allowed us to be able to test products far more rapidly than competitor stores, and increase our chances of scaling profitable products at a faster rate.

The reason of selling this business

Because the general store model revolves around selling products of various niches, it gave us a really great idea on the niches that worked, and what we ultimately wanted to settle towards.

Therefore we have decided to sell this business as we have completely shifted our focus to work on a niche-focused brand, and no longer have the time to continue operating this store at its highest capacity.

Another honest reason as to why we’re selling the store is that during the peak of the operation, we ran into several mistakes such as scaling products of lower quality (not doing our due diligence of seeking better quality manufacturers), and not having our fulfillment systems properly in place (causing long shipping delays for customers).

This resulted in much slimmer profit margins (due to refunds) than what we hoped during our largest months of scale ($500-600k/mo).

Verifying product quality and ensuring you have enough stock to handle high demand plays a huge role in the overall success of running this business, but these were just the things we simply did not take the time to do.

And because we now have an established team that helps us launch and test products much faster, it has become a bit overwhelming for us to check each and every product, thus taking away our focus from our niche-focused brand.

So we're hoping to find a new owner who would be willing to pick up on the areas in which we have been lacking, and turn this into a superiorly profitable store for themself.

Considering that you'd be in the position of having a completely automated team of product researchers, description writers, video editors, and facebook ads launchers - that we have trained for the past 2+ years...

The last piece of the puzzle is taking the extra effort of ensuring that each product is of good quality and does not pose any risks with fulfillment (ie. if it has large batteries, hazardous materials, etc) - It was these factors that caused us to have long shipping times for certain products we scaled as we had no idea that it would have such issues when dropshipping from China.

And in all honesty, checking product quality is not a hard thing to do by any means. All it takes is checking amazon reviews, or ordering the product for yourself to determine if it's a good fit for scale.

Our problem was that we would immediately scale any product that we found immediate success on Facebook, and prioritized profits and sales first. But in the end, we paid a huge price... and for that, we just no longer found this was a viable form of business that we wanted to keep running, even if we were profiting over 6 figures for each successful product.

What's involved in running this business

We have several systems in place consisting of virtual assistants that we have trained for the past 2+ years that handle: product research, product description writing, video editing, graphics/thumbnail creation, facebook ads launching, ad copywriting, campaign creation, customer service, fulfillment and more.

So essentially once you take ownership of this store, you will already have a complete team that understands exactly how to take a product from A-Z (from uploading it into the store, creating the video, writing the ad copy, and having it completely ready and launched on facebook with proper interest targeting).

This means that you will be able to test products at an extremely fast rate, thus allowing you to scale various winning products!

The main focus (as CEO) of the store is to ensure every team member of every sector is handling everything properly.

We are constantly making sure that our description writer is creating proper listings for each product, that our video editor is making the best videos possible that will grab the attention of customers (while remaining compliant with facebook ads policies), and that our ad launcher is writing effective ad copy and choosing proper interests when launching the final creatives onto facebook.

We also constantly check in with our customer service manager who provides us with weekly reports of the performance of our customer service rep's responses, their response rate, satisfaction rate, and average delivery time of products to consumers from our supplier.

All of our customer service reps are fully trained and follow a specific response template for almost any scenario ranging from returns, refunds, complaints, long delivery times, etc. These responses ensure customers are being handled with care and empathy, while also preserving their satisfaction.

Other than that, the main focus is to constantly check-in with our in-house product researcher to ensure that he is selecting the best products available to test so that it can be given to our description writer, video editor, and facebook ads launcher to launch the product for testing and hopefully turn it into a massive winner to gain massive profits!

This business was founded: almost 3 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 30 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month53,684Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin15%
  • Avg. sales /month1,643
Other details about profit: In the entirety of running this business to date, we have generated $2,480,764.47 in revenue with a net profit of $353,294.59 at a margin of 14.24%. But since we’ve scaled various products during different periods of time, please note that our average monthly revenue and profit completely varies. The average net profit per month that is inputted on this listing takes an average of all sales we’ve made from 2018 - 2020. And clearly on the sales graph, you can see that we had certain periods of time where we did not do as much sales, and then certain periods of time where our sales completely exploded. It’s all dependent on the type of winning products you can find as our team will continuously launch and test them on Facebook for you. For example, just this past May of 2020, we did a total of $601,278.84 in revenue with a net profit of $175,483.67 at a 29.19% net margin. However, during this time we incurred several refunds due to delivery delays from COVID and the riots that were happening during the US at this time. So we ended up losing about $12,000 in profit the month after, but still netting $160,000+, which we obviously can’t complain about. But in April of 2019, we did a total of $504,389.84 in revenue with a net profit of $144,368.29 at a 28.62% margin. An issue we faced here is that our supplier sent a lower quality version of the product and did not have enough inventory to handle our 500+ orders a day. This was our fault as we forced our facebook campaigns to scale as soon as possible, and did not do the due diligence to ensure that the product was good quality. This resulted in us losing $62,698.05 of our profit the very next month due to our high amount of refunds and disputes. After refunds, we still netted $80,000+ which is still pretty good, but of course we could have done better. Then occasionally you can find other winning products that scale and profit fairly well such as what we sold during Oct - Dec 2019. We did a total of $169,396.02 with a net profit of $29,127.62 at a 17.19% margin. This product in particular actually didn’t have much issues at all. It was a very light product, made of paper, and only sometimes arrived damaged (just depending on how USPS would handle it). We also scaled a toy-based product during Nov - Dec of 2018 and did a total of $445,440.61 in revenue with a net profit of $46,361.44 at a 10.41% margin. The problem we faced here is that the product was relatively heavy in weight, and also contained a big battery. This caused lots of issues when passing through international borders between China and the US and resulted in massive amounts of our orders to get stuck in customs. This resulted in us losing $13,135.79 of our net profit, but still allowing us to profit $33,000+ in the end. So as you can see, it’s been a complete up and down journey for us with each product that we scaled in mass volume. However, it should also give you a good idea of what you can expect to make when scaling viral products at a massive scale. When you do things right and don’t make the same mistakes we did, you can expect to easily make $100,000+ in profit with every winning product. But because we have been going at this for the past 2+ years, we honestly just do not find the same drive and passion to continue scaling more products at a massive scale as we’d much rather focus and work on a single brand/product that prioritizes our customers before sales. With this general store, it is 100% possible to keep your customer loyalty and scale products at mass volume at the same time, but just understand that this requires your thorough understanding of each customer within different niches, which can definitely be difficult without additional team members to help you. Remember, the true value that you will find in this business is the team that we have built to automate the testing/scaling process. The other sector of this business that we have not automated is constantly checking product quality, seeking various manufacturers per product, and taking the time to thoroughly research each target audience in relation to the product you are selling to them. If you feel that this is something you can capitalize on, then by all means, this is definitely the business for you and nonetheless, you will profit tremendously with the team that we have built that will help you to find and scale various winning products. PS: we have completely detailed Profit/Loss sheets of all the data and statistics above. Please PM us if you need it!
Total revenue
  • $2,301,704
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    Total traffic
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    • Shopify plan
    • Employees
    • Domain
    • Paid apps connected to Shopify
    • Facebook Ads

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

      Not Included
    • Logo and branding assets

      All photos, logos, and branding assets will be transferred via Google Drive.
    • Personal support after sale

      I will provide support for a maximum of 1 month after sale via email or phone. This can be anything related to fulfillment, advertising, and other operations of the business.
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      All photos are already uploaded within each product page.
    • Social media

      Total followers1,900subscribers
    • Suppliers

      We have 2 dedicated suppliers that we can connect you with once ownership is transferred. All incoming orders can easily be handled by them using CSV files or their integrated Shopify app.
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Although the business has been able to profit tremendously at $353,294.59 out of the $2,480,764.47 total revenue that we generated…

    Our first and foremost recommendation to continue growing this business is to first rename and rebrand it. The reason being, is due to all of the previous mistakes that we’ve made with each product that we’ve scaled that caused numerous customer complaints and dissatisfaction (things we certainly are not proud of).

    You will find our complete explanations about this in our “Reason of selling this business” and our “other details about profit” sections above.

    So it would be highly advisable to operate this store from a fresh start and use the foundations and the systems we have already developed that are going to help you to continuously test and scale products for the future.

    Again, it’s important to remind you that the true value that you will find in taking ownership of this business is the fully trained team that we have developed to automate the product testing/scaling process.

    Our team understands exactly how to take a product from A-Z (from uploading it into the store, creating the video, writing the ad copy, and having it completely ready and launched on facebook with proper interest targeting).

    The only part that you must capitalize on is ensuring that each product you decide to scale is of good quality, is unlikely to have issues or complaints, and can be dropshipped safely from China to your target customer’s location.

    With these factors set in place, you will build a much stronger customer satisfaction and loyalty that will keep them coming back for more, and for years to come!

    Skills to have

    Firstly, you can find more details about how this business is run in the “What's involved in running this business” section above.

    The most important skill that you must have, especially if you’re looking to scale products at massive scale (as we’ve done), is to have a thorough understanding of what products sell well, and knowing how to market them effectively on the Facebook Ads platform.

    As mentioned, we have a team that understands how to create product descriptions, videos, and ads that grab attention, but it is also your job to have an effective testing strategy/scaling strategy that you can implement to make these products work.

    You must also have great management skills and be able to think of solutions-- and think of them FAST. Because although you may run into products that will sell like literal hot cakes… you must do the due diligence to ensure that this product will be viable to sell to your target market in mass volume, without posing any risks that could cause everything to go haywire. (like it has for us).

    So again, if you feel like you’re in the best position to capitalize in these areas of the business in which we lacked, then this store will 100% work for you. The proof is already in the pudding with the numbers we have already generated. But it’s clear that we could have done better, so let that be you who does!


    Matheus R.Current store owner
    I am a 23 year old entrepreneur who started this business completely from scratch, and during a time where I desperately needed to resolve financial situations that were going on in my personal and family life. Fast forward to today, the business and the team that i’ve built has grown to levels that i’ve never once thought imaginable and I’m truly blessed to have gone through the entire experience and process of it. And I'm most truly grateful for how it has enabled me to support not only myself, but my family.


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