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$69,800 USD

Branded Store (Store+Stock of 800 paid products+Exclusive supplier+Fb Pixel)

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General description

We are selling accessories from Real Stone.
Our main product - is MacBook Stone covers. We love it! We found a company which produce it for us and fulfil worldwide Only for Us! Not China. All our customers like it too. Because it's incredibly stylish protection! It's weighs about 2 oz (50-60 gramms), and it's about 0.8mm thin. We have 4 colours, and all the covers are different, because they made from real stone. If you want, it is possible to buy more than 30 different colors of stone (gold, black, brown, green and so on...) And you can add different Stone accessories, like Stone Wallets, Stone Belts, Stone shoes and so on... Due to the nature of this beautiful stone, no two Gimmestone Covers are the same so laptop will be totally unique. So, each and every cover is unique! And that's awesome! it's also beautiul view, different texture, patterns and colors.. From Real Stone.

Our website is 1-3 in Google by Organic Search!

Right now, it is already paid for 800 MacBook covers so you don't have to pay for fist 800 orders! Just $5 for worldwide shipping. Usually it takes 8-12 days to get to the USA, to Japan, Taiwan, Europe... So, it is a good cheap price for shipping.

So, our paid inventionary is about 800 pieces of MacBook covers Most Popular (it's about 39000 usd, if the price is 49 usd / 1 cover. There are no the same product on Aliexpress, so it's not possible to Dropship it.

We liked the fact that you can expand to the whole world, and the quantity of goods can be hundreds - thousands of species (stone wallets, belts, shoes, glasses ..)
We spend about $ 6,000 on advertising in faсebook ads per month, so that the data for the launch will be enough. We will give all the information to the real seller.

We actually launched a store 11 months ago, but we didnn't do anything. And we start selling products online only in November. It is a beloved product and does really well in the 18-44 male demographic. The potential of team sponsorship and joint ventures is huge. And every ads perform amazing. We have customers from All over the World: USA, Europe, China, islands, India, Latin America and so on!
Right now we have shown our ads to 1mln of people. But there are more that 30 mln of Mac users in the world!

What you're getting:
1. Super Exclusive supplier, who can do all the job for you! Our branded packaging, thousands of fotos and videos! The whole process of production (suppliers of material, prices, packages..) We are offering a training tutorial how the site is managed and how a business works.
2. The material for 800 MacBook Covers (it's costs about 800*49 approximately = 39000 usd)
Different colors and sizes. Some colors are more popular then others, so we have more of those in stock. Manufacturing cost is around $10-11, include shipping worldwide. So, you will have a margin 500%.
3. Whole Content (we have videos and lots of Professional photos taken of the product.)
4. The templates for every MacBook models and iPhone cases.
5. Facebook audience, which we have made. Many information from our FB ads.
6. Google analitycs, so you will know what was good and what was bad. So, you will not make same mistakes.
7. Our paid theme (visit our website to check it). We paid for it $560.
8. Manufacture relationship. Price per unit can go down below a dollar if you increase your order amount.
9. Process training
10. Domain and email address
11. Design of manual and packages (we also have 500 packages in inventory in English language)
12. Video of Instruction
13. Graphic material (logo)
14. Various sales channels (Online store, Facebook shop, Instagram)
16. Different plugs installed (clever adwords, easy contact form, email marketing, free shipping, McAfee, recover check outs, retargeting on autopilot, SEO plug, tracking after ship, social media stream and so on)

Reason for Selling: Few weeks ago, I’ve got an amazing job in an international company at the manufacture of artificial intelligence and I lack of time to take this business to the next level, by investing time on it promotion.

We have put all our love into creating this website. I do believe 100% that great benefits can be made. I will be happy to see if someone can grow it.

Regards and see you soon ;-)
Please check out the website and the Instagram account (@gimmestone) to understand the product better and view photos.

For that price you will receive working business with invenore of 800 products. These products will bring you 800*49 = $39000. So, it is also included to price.
You will receive contacts of our exclusive supplier, our FB pixel and maybe my own FB page, that will give you 100% guarantee that I will not have an access to your future shop! That is enough to work, and it is easy to contact 2-3 times a week only with manager, to send money for shipping orders and for work)

Financials and traffic

We started making ads in november, and we foud that it is a winner. So, you can find that our revenue is always growing up!

Average profit/month

$6,000 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Value of inventory

$39,000 USD

Lifetime revenue

$87,507.00 USD

Lifetime traffic

217,894 Sessions

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Business Expenses

We have super great margin business model.
All details I can provide by phone call or email.
We also looking for wholesale partners and we have tens of emails, who are interested in it.

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)


Advertising (ie. Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.)


Inventory warehouse


Employees (Including contractors and freelancers)





We found a Gold Supplier. He do all the job.
- Warehouse fees - $15 a months.
- Process of production (for his job) - $2
- Answering to emails and FB page comment / Instagram comments - $100 - a months.
- He check all the inventory, and can produce your own package if you want!

Willing to ship inventory

Willing to transfer relationships with suppliers

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media





Mailing list

5,000 subscribers

Social media followers

22,000 people

Q & A

Do you work with any employees, freelancers, or contractors?

1 manager, who do all jobs (answering emails, visit post to send parcels, checking the inventory and packaging all the orders)

We pay to him $100 a month +80cents for an order to package.

Why should someone buy this store?

Business Model. You are here to find something, that will have potential. And something, which you don't have to invest too much.
Everything works perfect! Without your attention! But if you want, everything can been done in several minutes/hours!

How can the future owner improve the business?

  • To do more ads
  • To work with influencers
  • To add other stone accessories
  • To add other colours for repeating customers
  • Lots of ways, which we haven't done, because we did our business model super perfect and now it must be the time to SCALE it. But, as for me, i need to move to another country for work of my dream, which can bring me more money.

What work have you put into the store?

Everything is working well! Our cost per production is super cheap. And as for shipping - it takes us $5 to ship worldwide (8-12 days to get to every country)

How many hours does it take to run this business per week?

21 hours

$69,800 USD

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