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General description

Highly profitable E Commerce Business for digital downloads for SALE!
 Realistic 7 figure potential! Insanely high profit margins due no cost of goods!

 This may be an one time opportunity… ➽ Read this completely it will be worth it! - The store was originally located at Lookshelter_com but we renamed it to Lensgrade_com - You'll get both domains! - ➽ What’s the store about?

 The store sells all kind of Lightroom and Photoshop Presets which are used by photographers to edit photos faster and more efficient. We developed everything in over 2000 hours of very intense work over 8 months!
 So obviously it’s super hard to copy the store for potential competitors. 
 ➽ The presets that we are selling are highly competitive for multiple reasons:

 1. We ordered all competitor products - even very high priced ones - and modelled what was successful. 2. We added some extra functions. So for example our presets are layerable (normal ones don’t have this option) 3. We are 2 photographers with over 10 years experience! ————————————————————————————————————— ► ► REASON FOR SELLING ◄◄ ➽ I am going to sell this store for personal reasons: 
First my business partner and friend lost interest in this project along the way so I kept on finishing things up alone.

 But now my normal job is very time intense and I also study arts at the moment so my free time is so limited that I’d rather spend just a couple more hours a week with my girlfriend and family instead of figuring out all about marketing on the internet.

 ————————————————————————————————————— ►► WHY 7 FIGURE POTENTIAL? ◄◄ ➽ Why do I strongly believe that this store has the potential for high 6 figures to even 7 figures a year?

 We tracked our competitors over months now and the biggest 3 shops in this niche are making around 1 Million - 3 Million Dollars each a year! (Screenshots and proofs can be provided via email - please send me an inquiry). So there is definitely a way to earn a ton of money with this store. 
How to get your investment of 29.000$ back?

 ► Simple! Sell 1160 units for 25$ each to generate 29.000$. When you implement one click upsells you can even lower the amount of orders you need dramatically! The currently 3rd biggest store for presets sells almost 170 units a day in average!

 So I strongly believe that selling only 10% of this volume a day should be absolutely achievable for someone who knows how to market things on the internet.

 ————————————————————————————————————— ►► And thats the exact reason why I never generated much sales…..

 I have a photography background but unfortunately I am not very good in marketing especially not on the internet. 
 I tried Google Adwords and also posted this store into different Facebook groups for photography but I have the feeling that the other stores are doing something different than what I did.

 ►► So the future owner should have 2 skills:

 1. Marketing especially online
 2. SEO knowledge to bring in some organic visitors from Google. 

 Than I think it should not be that hard to run this store very profitable! ————————————————————————————————————— Here is what you get (not only the store):

 1. The domain, all exclusive rights for the stock images, files that we use, etc. 

2. All social media accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook

 3. Strongly growing Account on CreativeMarket with over 180$ last month in profit (around 90$ the month before).
 ► Just search for Lensgrade! I lowered the prices here to get more sales and better rankings.

 4. An extra website for free Lightroom Presets with over 1000 visitors a month organically! I use it to collect emails :-)
 5. Email List with over 600 people showing interest in Lightroom presets.
 6. Some presets I haven’t even published yet.


This business is not a simple Dropshipping store with limited lifetime due customer complaints!
 This store has the potential for huge growth and long term returning customers. 
The customers get their order directly after purchase. So if you know how to market things on the internet than you shouldn't hesitate to contact me. I will provide all data you need as soon as possible :-)

 If there are multiple inquiries I retain the right to give the store to the one who makes the highest offer.

Why should someone buy this store?

This store can be run extremly profitable. Our competitors are getting up to 200 orders a day generating up to 3 Million dollars in annual revenue! We tracked their sales over months now and can give you screenshots and proofs for this numbers. To get the investment of just 27.000$ back you only have to sell 1080 presets to a price of 25$ each. When you start comparing this to the other stores thats around 1% of their sales (If you calculate with a reinvestment of only 10 months). I see much higher potential than only that. Getting 10 orders a day at let's say at a 1% Conversion Rate would mean 7500$ profit a month! That's why Lensgrade is definitely a great opportunity for everyone who understands online marketing (I never did...) And also super important: Lensgrade is a sustainable business model with long term customers who get their orders directly. Forget about buying Dropshipping stores which you have to close up after only a few moths due to customer comlaints! Lensgrade Presets are getting almost only super positive feedback! So our customers love these presets! I think it's clear that that's why you should start your journey with Lensgrade :-)

How can the future owner improve the business?

I tested another design for the covers (so the first picture) which brought more visitors to purchase. So changing or even creating new ones is maybe worth the efford of a couple of hours. Also a short screencast video where you show the presets and explain them could be very helpful to customers and will increase the conversion rate.

What work have you put into the store?

Create Advertising concepts mainly. You can improve the organic traffic by writing blog articles or building up Facebook and Instagram.
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  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month725
  • Avg. Profit /month
  • Inventory value
  • Profit Margin100%
  • Avg. Sales /month100
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