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  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month4,759
  • Avg. profit /month

Business Story

Why this business was started

i saw a huge potential in e-commerce so i decided to started this business because i was looking to: learn sales, internet marketing learn online business learn drop-shipping learn paid traffic, Facebook and Instagram ads quit my job, travel the world and be financially independent

The reason of selling this business

I am on my last year at college. I have a real struggle to balance with the business and studying. as well as since i'm living in Morocco i had problems with payment providers because Stripe and most payment processors are not supported in my country.

What's involved in running this business

This business model is drop shipping so it is relatively easy. I have established a very good relationship with a supplier that afforded us good rates and give us the best customer support. Everything is set up and I will ensure that you have everything needed to guarantee the future success of this business. - Choose products from the suppliers working with us - Graphics materials - Order fulfillment - Manage social media - Running marketing campaigns...

This business was founded: almost 2 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 50 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month4,759Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin19%
  • Avg. sales /month210
Other details about profit: Since i'm just starting dropshipping, i did a lot of mistakes that lowerd my margins. i dealed with some problems the wrong way and that cost me about 1000$ additional in profit in the last month only, this store is 3 months old now so my biggest month so far was November, i did over 11000$ in sales using facebook ads and google SEO, so for the next owner, if you think you have good skills on Facebook Ads, i can guarantee that you'll scale crazy with my winning product.
Total revenue
  • $28,881
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    Total traffic
  • 28,557Visits
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    • Shopify plan
    • Domain
    • Apps

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

      Not Included
    • Logo and branding assets

      i will send all the file needed via email
    • Personal support after sale

      Duration: 2 weeks What I will provide * what Facebook ads I ran * what I learned from the Facebook ads * make sure the Facebook pixel data is working for you * how to make more sales* how to deal with customer emails.
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      the images are already on the store.
    • Social media

      Total followers600subscribers
    • Suppliers

      Not Included
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    Skills to have

    -What skills do I need to run the business?

    Personally, I think that you'll need to have solid knowledge on how to run Facebook ads because all the revenue I made (about 15000$) was through paid traffic from Facebook and Instagram. You'll need also good language skills if you'll manage to run the store without (Virtual Assistances) Since you'll have to deal with emails from your customers manage social pages and respond to messages. Finally a good knowledge of how to manage orders, edit pages and some other basic tasks in the platform (Shopify).

    -Can you tell me more about the business model? It's dropshipping.

    -What type of marketing do you do to attract customers?

    Right now I’m using video ads on Facebook & Instagram, I have a successful video ad with almost 400k views 1.2k reactions and a lot of comments and shares, I have 5 video ad variation for the product that I’m advertising with other promotional videos for a different product on the store (they will be included in the transaction). I prefer to solve a problem to sell my products and that's how my videos ads are structured.

    -What are some things I could do to improve the business?

    I think that having much time than me will help since if you're dedicated to grow the business and make a profit from it will push you to search your competitors, test different products and optimize your funnel.

    What are your profit margins like?

    Since the last month was the biggest with over 11k in sales my margins were around 20%, and that could be much higher since I have done a lot of mistakes inside my ads manager and I didn't manage my expenses the right way (transfer fees suppliers payouts and my PayPal fees that were 4.4% because I live in Morocco.

    • Do you offer support after the business is sold?

    Yes, I’ll offer 14 days’ of support dealing with previous orders and helping you understand how the business functions.

    -What is included in this transaction?

    All the assets that I used on building the store, social media pages, domain name, 2 professional domain emails my Facebook pixel data with over 6000$ worth of ad spend

    -How do you fulfill your orders?

    When I was doing big volume (14 orders+) I was using CVS files to fulfill my orders with my supplier, I did use a third-party fulfillment service "ChinaDevision" to fulfill more than 70 orders in the past month, now I’m using Oberlo

    . -Can I confirm the tracking numbers?

    Sure, since i'll be providing support you'll don't have to worry about previous orders.

    -How many returns do you get in total and in percentage per month / year?

    I have only 1 returns until the moment, since my refund policy is solid. (this store is 3 months old)

    -How are returns handled?

    You'll need to discuss the return policy with your supplier, and make a return policy based on that. for the return I had, I made the customer to pay for her return fee and after receiving the package my supplier refunded my money, and I refunded hers.

    -How do you modify your site?

    As mentioned above you'll need to have skills working with Shopify, it's basically a drag and drop thing to modify pages and the website design, there are tons of tutorial on Youtube on how to do that

    -You mentioned that you spend 50 hours per week? Can you give me a finer breakdown on how the time is spent?

    I spent days working on the website only for 45 minutes on other days working 3-5 hours, I didn't have a stable schedule but you'll need to spend more time on your Facebook ads creating and optimizing them, alongside answering customers emails if there are.

    -How much do you spend on advertising? Where? Is it worth it?

    I spent over 6000$ to get back 15k$ as mentioned before I advertised only on Facebook and Instagram ads, my ad spent could have been much smaller since this was my first store and my first time dealing with big numbers, so a good knowledge on how to use FB ads will help a lot. You can try advertising on other platforms or improving your website SEO for organic traffic since my store is linked with google search console . and the domain name that I’ll be giving alongside the website is linked with Google Adsense, so this will also help if you're going to expand the store and writing blogs on the niche in future.

    • How many countries do you deal with?

    I advertise mainly to the US CANADA UK and AUSTRALIA. I used to advertise to some European countries like SWEDEN NORWAY FINLAND ISLAND AND DENMARK.

    -Is shipping calculated based on the country shipping to? I offer free shipping on all items in this store.

    • Is site available in multiple languages? Only in English.

    -How many suppliers do you deal with?

    For my main product I have a reliable supplier that I’ll pass her contact details to the next owners, for the rest of the products I pick good suppliers from Aliexpress based on their feedback.

    -How long has the supplier(s) been in business?

    I think my supplier since 2017, she provides excellent support with excellent communication and good after-sale service.

    -How do you pay the supplier? Frequency?

    I was paying with PayPal first and that did lower my margins, but after we made trust between us, I paid her directly on Aliexpress using a product page with bulk order price. for the frequency it was based on the performance of my ads, if I’m doing good volume I paid daily if not every 2-3 days.

    abdelali m.Current store owner


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