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One Happenstance

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General description

1 year old Generic Store selling well over 100 products with a wide ranges of variety. Generated approx $57.3k USD in sales and there is a lot more potential to push more revenue in the future with growing demand for e-commerce shopping. Facebook advertisement costs amounted to approximately $18.8k USD. Amounting to a net profit (after deducting all costs) of approximately over $18.8k USD in over a span over 4 months. I have attached the screenshots of the revenue, Facebook ad costs and other important statistics. Some categories of products include: Toys, Kitchen, Pets, Fashion , Gadgets, Gardening, Sports and many more.


Q: What is your revenue, costs, and return on investment?

A: Shopify sales revenue of $57.3k USD/ Facebook advertising cost of : $18.8k USD/ Net profit of : Approx $20k USD

Q: What kind of work do I have to put in once I purchase the store?

A: Well that depends on how many hours are you willing you put in each day. Personally, I would recommend at least 3-4 hours a day to get started. The type of work involved are: -Sourcing hot selling products to sell on Facebook -Finding supplier for your products -Listing them on the store -Using your Facebook business manager to launch advertisements to get traffic to the store -Handling support email and providing customer support for customers who bought stuffs from your store

Q: Why did your sales decline over the past few months?

A: This is a Dropshipping Store, and as you know every Dropshipping store is heavily reliant on “working products” to generate revenue. And products do have a lifespan and they do not last forever. In short, if you want consistent revenue, you have to put in consistent effort to Brand this store. Currently, sales are still coming in even without spending a single cent on paid advertising.

Q: Why am I selling at such a low price ($5k USD) as compared to the other stores?

A: Being unable to focus my energy and time into this business anymore, I want to make it affordable to newcomers who wish to buy over an existing business which has a decent track record of at least 1 year.

Q: So how much can I expect to earn if I spend $5k USD to buy over this business?

A: If this question ever comes across your mind, then I am afraid you might be in the wrong industry. If you are here just to get RICH QUICK. Then it’s time to wake up your idea. E-commerce drop shipping online business may sound like a dream for most people, where they can work at their own time own target and yet make so much money. What we do not see is the hardwork and determination that these entrepreneurs went through before finally seeing the light. I am speaking from personal experience. Yes, you are right, you still have to put in some WORK! Then you might ask me, what is the “value” of this shop then? For your purchase, this store comes with the following assets which are built over a year: -Shopify Store(One Happenstance) with over 100+ products with refined product descriptions -Email list of 1.5k subscribers (mailchimp) -A general outline on what you NEED to do to get started (Not personal coaching, it’s just a summarized guideline)

Q: How much do I have to spend on Facebook Advertising?

A: To answer this question simply, the more you spend, the faster you learn and the more you earn. You have to spend money to make money, its simple logic in business!

Q: What payment gateway did I previously use for my store?

A: Paypal and Stripe credit card gateway

Q: Why am I selling if I am already making such a decent revenue?

A: I wished I had the energy and time to carry on doing this business and growth it further. However, due to mainly personal reasons I have decide to tap on other ventures. NOTE: If you have other questions, I am afraid to say that I can only provide them to you after the store is being handed over to you

Why should someone buy this store? Look around the exchange Shopify web and let me know if you find a better deal than this! Our store seems to have one of the highest Traffic (34k++) and Revenue ($57.3k ++ usd) yet we are selling it lower than many other stores out there in the market! What you are paying for is the time and effort we took to build the system of the store and the time for sourcing for top selling products in the online shopping industry.

This store has a lot of potential for growth as it has a wide range of products which can cater to a large audience group. With Facebook marketing, this store can achieve a decent return on investment overtime. The revenue, and ad spent for this store are NOT projections, they are TRUE and REAL figures achieved over the past 12 months.

Apart from the facts mentioned above, you can save countless time and effort from setting up a store from scratch and sourcing for the hottest selling products which may not even sell. Our products have been tested over and over and we dare to promise that we only list products which are worth selling!

How can the future owner improve the business? First of all, please do not expect this to be a get rich scheme! Hardwork and determination are still required in order to achieve such desirable results within the given time frame of 1 year. You have to learn to diversify your traffic sources such as social media platform(Facebook), YouTube, SEO and others. Make more use of email marketing which I previously had not utilize. Remember, always diversify your traffic! New owner can also consider picking a few products and private label them as own brand as it helps stands out among the competitors. What work have you put into the store?

I have spent well over $18.8k USD on paid traffic on Facebook and it has generated me well over $57.3k usd revenue lifetime and also a decent size email list. Spent over a year achieving the following below: Revenue: $57.3k USD Mailchimp email list : 1.5k Net profit: Approx $20k USD


Financials and traffic

Average profit/month

$5,000 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Average Monthly revenue

$3,203.64 USD

Average Monthly traffic

2,035 Sessions

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Business Expenses

Expense item


Shopify plan




What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

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