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P.S. I Love Italy

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General description

This is is a GREAT opportunity for somebody who understands online marketing. This a HOME RUN if you understand online marketing and Italian American culture.

P.S. I Love Italy is a print on demand store specializing in merchandise that caters to people of Italian American descent who are very proud of their heritage and family.

Heritage niches are amazing because unlike trends and fads, people don't change their heritage. The pride and customs are passed down from generation to generation. It's not uncommon for families to buy multiple shirts for everybody in the family.

The store took it's first order on May 31st, 2017. All data is from May 31st - November 30th. There is additional revenue from Teespring and Gear Bubble as well. All Teespring URLs will be transferred to the buyer as well at current owner's expense. Teespring has a co-op advertising campaign that will bring in consistent organic sales that are essentially free money. Some of these URLs have been in place for 3+ years.

Although the Shopify store is new as of 2017, I've been selling these designs to the Italian niche since late 2014. Many of them still sell consistently to this day. There are 3 Facebook pages associated with the brand that come with the sale.

P.S. I Love Italy (Newest) 1839 Fans I Love Italy - 53,449 fans Italian Pride - 40,916 fans

Total : 96,204 fans.

Even at a modest $0.05 cents per like, it cost about $5k to build these pages.

The store is 100% based on the print on demand model. Each order is passed directly to my suppliers through their Shopify app and I rarely see or touch a product. (Returns only, which were 0.4% of orders).

Product types range from apparel (shirts, hoodies, leggings, etc) to jewelry (bracelets, necklaces) to drink ware (coffee mugs, color changing mugs, beer mugs, beer steins, and tumblers) to tons of odds and ends like pillow cases and phone cases. Although the expansion was limited (and should immediately be expanded upon ownership transfer), I did see some early success with shoes, purses, and backpacks.

Current suppliers (approximately 5) offer HUNDREDS of products, which offers a huge opportunity for expansion.

Approximately 257 designs come with the store. Most designs come in .png format but several come with original .PSD files for easy editing. All ad creative (mock-ups) used in ad campaigns are included as well.

At $27 per design, and $5 per ad, the total cost to build the design library was just over $8k.

These designs still have plenty of life in them, especially when combined with new product offerings. An example of this was a recent bracelet that accounted for 15% of 2017 sales. SImply combining old designs with new products is a great off the bat strategy for the new owner.

Profit margins are healthy and can definitely be improved. Tshirts sell for $22.99 on the average (I suggest offering a higher quality shirt like the tri-blends for even higher) and the cost on these is just over $7.00. Pricing varies for each style. Hoodies and long sleeves retail for $39 and cost $18.50.

Jewelry has an even bigger mark up. I usually sell my bracelets at $29.99 and they cost about $11. All prices are independent of shipping which also includes a small profit margin wherever possible.

There are definitely cheaper POD suppliers out there. Optimizing suppliers is one area of potential for the new owner.

I also have a great off the radar canvas supplier, too. He offers a much higher quality print than most with personalization. I started to offer these late in the year without too much thought to what type of personalization designs would work. The margins are fantastic and should definitely be pursued. I can easily see both jewelry and canvasses outpacing tshirt sales in 2018. Margins are better, and average cart value will be higher, too. If you can bring fresh design ideas to jewelry, canvas, and maybe shoes - you'll smash it.

If you're willing to warehouse or move fulfillment in house, you could easily partner with a local screen printer and seriously level up your margins. I've always preferred the simplicity and low touch aspect of POD and was willing to give up the margin in exchange for the simplicity of operations.

I'm selling the store because I have several stores. I've learned that i can run several stores at a sub-optimal level or I can one and really zero in on maxing out it's potential. I'm selling all of my stores but one in order to focus in 2018. Man who chases many rabbits catches none.

Financials and traffic

10% profit margin is after expenses. A good business owner can easily double this to 20% through a bunch of optimizations.

Somebody who knows what they are doing with Facebook ads can make an even bigger splash as a lot of money was burned in that area learning the platform which significantly reduced expenses.

Not advertising and emailing the list more would've resulted in a much better profit margin.

Average profit/month

$1,000 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Average Monthly revenue

$6,071.22 USD

Average Monthly traffic

5,167 Sessions

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Business Expenses

Facebook ads are a variable cost. You could spend much more or much less than what we did in 2017. We spent a lot of money (i.e. wasted) learning how to advertise on Facebook.

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)


Advertising (ie. Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.)




What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media



Mailing list

8,752 subscribers

Social media followers

96,204 people

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

There's a lot of good reasons to buy this store described in the paragraph above.

The niche is evergreen. Italian people and the richness of culture are not going anywhere. They're the 4th largest ethnic population in the United States are rabid buyers or items that represent their culture in a positive way. It's an easy sale.

The store is currently peforming at it's most basic level. I'm almost embarrassed by my lack of optimizations. First, it's a free theme that looks bad. Most of the products have very little copy in their descriptions and several have none whatsoever.

Somebody who knows what they are doing can upgrade the theme into something with converts better than an almost all white theme. Even without product descriptions and a premium theme, the store is converting at 3.22% (YTD).

Thousands of dollars have gone into building the site, social media pages, autoresponders, and email list. Much more than the asking price of the store. You're starting on the 50 yard line.

My customer service VA is willing to transfer to the new owner. He handles all social media, chat requests, customer emails and has a more than basic understanding of Shopify and can easily be trained to be more advanced. He's amazing at customer service, and completely reliable. He's from the Philippines and makes $2.50 an hour.

This is a REALLY GOOD opportunity for anybody who knows what they're doing.

Are you Italian, too? Then it's a HOME RUN.

How can the future owner improve the business?

The potential is endless.

Already discussed : upgrade the theme, improve the on page optimizations (copy especially), add new products.

Other immediate optimization points :

Install and optimize an upsell app. Smart7 is installed, but not optimized. Update and lengthen the opt in autoresponder. Improve the cart abandon autoresponder. create a promotional calendar around US holidays and Italian days of celebration. I only promoted St. Patricks's Day and Black Friday in 2017. Vary the traffic sources. 98% of traffic came from Facebook ads. Instagram, Google, and Pinterest are all worthy considerations. Add new products, new designs, and combinations of old designs on new products. Add non POD products Connect the store to Wanelo, Red Bubble, Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon to tap into existing traffic sources. Build out the blog with articles for SEO. Create viral content on the pages with products attached. Partner with other Italian sites and blogs and offer an affiliate commission. Pay Instagram influencers to promote the product

If you're good at email marketing, there's a tremendous upside here, too. The email list is 8752 people. From August - December $18k+ was generated from email campaigns with little or not sophistication. No segmenting, no cross cart emails.. Just straight up broadcast emails to everybody. Definitely not a best practice.

What work have you put into the store?

This is pretty much described in all the questions above.

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