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General description

This is a drop-shipping feminist shop that sells various types of activist apparel, with the goal of raising awareness about the need for women's rights, This shop should co-exist as a charity in order make palpable change for women and girls. I will only sell this shop to a natal woman, so as to keep with the values and mission statement of Parallels Co. I've spent moths building the store, adding personalized ad copy, and beautifying the storefront with original artwork. The majority of the products are drop-shipped directly from Aliexpress, and the rest are original designs fulfilled through Printful, meaning cheap prices and easy fulfillment. No inventory. I've built a strong fan base who are dedicated to the Parallels Co mission.

Why should someone buy this store?

Parallels Co is a trusted channel that has been building its fan base for some time now. I have dedicated and reoccurring customers. The meticulously crafted image of Parallels Co will be your greatest asset. In the shop includes original T-shirt designs, so you will not be able to drop-ship them from Aliexpress. I supply unique, witty, and powerful shirts that punch at societal preconceptions. The storefront is branded with a witty, fun, and sassy images & text. Months of aesthetic tweaking has made the storefront look professional, smooth, and sharp.

How can the future owner improve the business?

By not quitting. Seriously, the only reason that I've yet to bring this shop to the clouds is because my ambition to do so has died. I feel compelled to move onto another project. Hopefully the next owner will not be as impulsive as I am. If you stick with it, Parallels Co will be your future. I had a wonderful experience with this store, and a new dedicated owner can build the fandom tenfold, and make sales that I was never motivated to make. Make sure that you do paid ads, and stick with it until you get it right. It was difficult for me to even try paid ads as I am a university student, and alas, money is scarce.

What work have you put into the store?

I've spent moths building the store, adding personalized ad copy, and beautifying the storefront with original artwork. The shop provides a handful of unique and original apparel designs which cannot be found anywhere else. I've built a strong fan base who are dedicated to the Parallels Co mission. Along with this would include the logo, domain, and original product designs. Each item listening has meticulous prices to account for taxes, shipping, and profit. To give incentive to buyers I have provided unique & witty product descriptions (ad copy) to each item.
Traffic and Performance
  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month86
  • Avg. Profit /month
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  • Physical inventory

  • Logo and branding assets

    All assets can be transferred through your easiest means. Some options include through email, Facebook, or Instagram. Email may be easiest to switch over large files and photos.

  • Social media accounts

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  • Personal support after sale

    When I transfer you the email, included in OneDrive will be a folder full of documents that instruct you how to: drop-ship through Oberlo and Printful; upkeep and build the Instagram page; grow a Facebook page; make organic and paid ads; email market; find outsourcers; use proper ad copy; make use of business partnerships; and how to find (free) tools for branding, logo-making, graphic making, etc. All online business assets will be there. If you still have questions I can send you some separate emails (or perhaps we can Skype) but the majority of things you may have questions about will be at your fingertips on OneDrive.

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    These could be transferred through email, Facebook, etc. Whatever is easiest.

Social Media

Mailing list86subscribers
Social followers3,100subscribers
Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

It would be my primary income, I would launch paid FB ads, my Instagram account would have grown to around 60 thousand (as the page grows 1k/month when it is worked on. That's 12x5=60), and and the branded image would have grown substantially. Parallels Co would be among the leading activist brands in North America.

Skills to have

To take this to the next level, a knowledge of paid ads would be essential unless you wish to merely get organic traffic. A knowledge of email marketing, drop-shipping, and social media page building are also essential, though I will be instructing you on how to do each of these things if you are unaware.

Rachel B.

Running this business for over 1 year
I am an impulsive university student who feels the need to move onto another project. The natural course of Parallels Co for myself has ended and I would like to focus my efforts on running full non-profit charities instead.
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