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  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month6,332
  • Avg. profit /month

Business Story

Why this business was started

My partner, Ray, and I decided to start this business primarily for two reasons. The first being our insatiable love for pets (we both either currently have or have had furry friends of our own over our lifetime) and secondly, due to the allure of the growing e-commerce pet industry. [REDACTED], Amazon, & Walmart all sell essential pet supplies; however, there aren’t many, if any, boutique stores curating a collection of quirky, yet trendy array of “pawed goods” that may not always be essential, but surely make pet ownership more enjoyable. Hence, the idea for “Pawed Goods” was erected.

The reason of selling this business

Please note, this store is a project, not a turn-key investment. My business partner and I have run out of capital to properly run and manage this store. The ads we currently have are outdated, our customer service has fallen apart, we haven’t been active on the social media accounts for this business in months, and the ad account (via Facebook Business) currently tied to this store is inactive due to poor customer feedback tied to longer than expected shipping times. However, what we DO have is an email list of over 8K subscribers, a FB Pixel with 2,618 purchases, 6,523 add to carts, and over 93,104 pageviews, a quirky, yet chic store design that garners a 2.81% conversion rate & an average order value of $33.27, and plenty of documents that outline proper customer support & chargeback/case responses that can be implemented immediately as systems in this business. Each product in our catalog has bountiful amounts of potential if marketed properly with a new set of curated advertisements and a creative touch. In essence, this store is a “Fixer Upper;” if you're up for the project, we’re glad to hand it over to you, but please be advised this store is not for the ill-experienced. If executed properly, “Pawed-Goods” can genuinely be a long-term 6-7 figure online business in the ever-growing pet niche.

What's involved in running this business

There’s four essential parts to running “Pawed Goods:” fulfilling orders via our network of reliable suppliers, constant expansion, change, and filtering of our product catalog, content generation, and establishing new or monitoring existing marketing campaigns.

Our network of suppliers for our current product catalog are all sourced from Aliexpress via Oberlo and have been vetted through trial & error. Order fulfillment is simple, especially when using the “bulk fulfillment” feature on Oberlo. There’s very little to no work that needs to be done here as we’ve already assigned the best suppliers for different variants of a product when shipped to a variety of countries through a process called “variant mapping.”

Product research is crucial in constantly expanding, changing, and filtering a product catalog. Having a good understanding of seasonal trends, a keen eye for social media frenzies, understanding the changing demands of your buyer demographic, and having an open mind for frequent brainstorming are all essential facets of successfully curating an up-to-date product catalog.

Content generation is crucial for well-designed product pages, site design, establishing a prominent social media presence, and creating highly engaging advertisements. At the moment, our content for all of the above listed disciplines are outdated and need to be updated by the future of this business.

Lastly, marketing, in my opinion, is the backbone to any business. At the moment, our marketing was exclusive to Facebook & Instagram. Our email data is an untapped gem, as well as our Google Analytics. Preferably, whoever purchases this business is well-versed in at least one of these avenues, if not all of them, and can give “Pawed Goods” a fresh start and revamped brand image.

This business was founded: over 1 year ago
Time to run this business: approximately 8 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month6,332Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin2%
  • Avg. sales /month204
Other details about profit: The above averages reflect months where my partner and I neglected this project and didn't devote ample time to run this business properly. Plenty of months averaged in are months with no revenue but still software/hosting expenses or months such as July to September 2020 where we were careless with our ad spending and disregarded our profit margins. For a more accurate representation of this store's potential, please refer to the below listed financials for the three month span from Feb. 1st to April 30th. During this time period, both my partner and I were devoted entirely to this project and had no outside personal responsibilities interfering with Pawed Goods. Plus, such results were able to be generated in the height of the pandemic and economic downturn. So, with that being said, the below listed financials speak for themselves and more accurately represent the potential of this store ... Average profit and profit margins are taken from Feb. 1st to April 30th: Total Revenue Generated (Feb 1st - April 30th): $47,575.44 Advertising Costs (Feb. 1st - April 30th): $21,682.34 Cost of Fulfillment (Feb. 1st - April 30th): $18,466.20 Hosting & Software Costs - Including Mailchimp (Feb. 1st - April 30th): $652.07 Processing Fees (Feb. 1st - April 30th): ~$1,367.26 (This is assuming an average 3% processing fee rate across all forms of payment … Shopify Payments, Paypal, & Amazon Seller Central) Net Profit (Feb 1st. - April 30th): $5,407.57 $1,802.52 profit/month (avg.) 11.4% profit margins (avg.) 412 orders/month (avg.)
Total revenue
  • $87,394
  • Revenue data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller
    Total traffic
  • 94,991Visits
  • Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


    • Shopify plan
    • Domain
    • Email marketing software (Mailchimp), paid apps
    • Facebook
    • Cost of Fulfillment & Processing Fees

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

      Not Included
    • Logo and branding assets

      All “Pawed Goods” logo & branding assets (Banner Images, Social Media Logos, Watermarks, different sizes of the original "Pawed Goods" logo - small, square, rectangle, etc., and the store's favicon) are included with the sale of this store. Copies of such assets are currently stored on a Google drive account associated with this store's admin email. Full access to this email (Gmail) account, including the respective Google Drive, will be handed over to the next owner by presenting them with login credentials that can be changed, if desired, to suit their security needs.
    • Personal support after sale

      Not Included
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      All product pictures and content existing on the store, posted on social media platforms, and used in promotional advertisement, as well as all unused, cached content are included with the sale of this store. Copies of such assets are also currently stored on the same Google drive account associated with this store's admin email mentioned above. Full access to this email (Gmail) account, including the respective Google Drive, will be handed over to the next owner by presenting them with login credentials that can be changed, if desired, to suit their security needs.
    • Social media

      Total followers7,753subscribers
    • Suppliers

      Our network of suppliers for our current product catalog are all sourced from Aliexpress via Oberlo and have been vetted through trial & error. We’ve already assigned the best suppliers for different variants of a product when shipped to a variety of countries through a process called “variant mapping.” All of this is already set-up on the backend of this store (Oberlo) and thus, is included in the sale of this business. There’s no need to transfer over Aliexpress accounts as each supplier isn’t exclusive to individual Aliexpress accounts; instead, they are exclusive to the Oberlo account. As long as you have the Oberlo login, which you will via the Shopify store password, you’ll be able to access the elaborate network we’ve set up and vetted.
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Over the next five years, the next owner should do the following in order to grow this store, “Pawed Goods:”

    First, hire a creative team made up of photographers, videographers, and editors in order to cultivate “in-house” content for product pages, promotional/marketing content, and social media accounts.

    Secondly, create a system of product research where an automated funnel of product development & sourcing constantly generates new products and/or product ideas to test each week, month, or season; so that the product catalog is constantly changing and adapting to reflect the current culture of e-commerce pet lovers.

    Third, set up a more thought out system of customer service in order to curtail customer dissatisfaction and increase customer relations. To expand on this idea, I would suggest to train one or two “Virtual Assistants” that know how to properly respond to customer requests/questions and establish a fair refund policy that fits into this improved customer service model.

    Lastly, invest into domestic inventory. In doing so, chargebacks/cases/returns will be decreased significantly as shipping times and customer satisfaction will do the inverse, increase significantly. This also gives the next owner the potential to private label “Pawed Good’s” product catalog and adopt a better brand image.

    We have yet to pursue any of the above-listed growth opportunities; however, highly suggest doing so. Below, are some of the outlets for growth we have experience with and have used in the past ...

    Previously, my partner and I have focused on marketing through Facebook in order to send cold traffic to our website and increase our underlying customer base. If done properly, paid advertising via Facebook is a great outlet to profitably source new customers. In order to do so, one should frequently create and filter in new "Creatives" (essentially, Facebook's terminology for content) into their pre-existing marketing campaigns. Furthermore, besides promoting a fresh flow of marketable content, one should always be looking into new demographics to target. On Facebook, there's so many different pools of data you can pull from (i.e. Pixel Data, Email List, "Interests"), so testing new ways to manipulate said data into groups of marketable individuals will allow one to constantly run advertisements without drying up one particular audience. These techniques have worked for us in the past, but new content, new demographics, and maybe even a new platform to market on could provide Pawed Goods with the fresh look it needs in order to revitalize this business.

    On that note, we would also suggest that the future owner look into Google Adwords or even Pinterest as potential outlets to market on as they are more shopper-oriented, offer a bit cheaper average cost-per-acquisition, and have yet to be tried by us, so why not go for it? Both will be a fresh avenue to building up a new customer base.

    Lastly, one other opportunity we've overlooked in the past, but would suggest the next owner to do would be to look into and set up a proficient email marketing campaign. Currently, we've acquired an email list of 8,200 subscribers; however, we have yet to attempt marketing/retargeting them. We have two basic email strings set up (Welcome Email String & Abandoned Cart Email String), but that's it and even those could be set up better. Currently we acquire new emails through an incentivized email pop-up on our store and when orders are placed; however, there is probably a better way to do this as well. So, improving how Pawed Goods adds to its email list and being more proficient at marketing to the audience on said list would be an additional avenue of growth we would suggest the future owner to look into.

    Skills to have

    You, the next owner of “Pawed Goods,” should be able to properly manage a team of employees or “VA’s,” set up systems that automate monotonous & time-consuming tasks, have a basic understanding in product research, sourcing inventory, & online marketing, and have experience in running an online e-commerce store.

    Furthermore, the future owner should be adept at online marketing. All of our past marketing campaigns have been run through Facebook with both Facebook and Instagram placements. Our FB pixel (the piece of code integrated with a website, such as Pawed Goods, that allows Facebook to track the data of traffic sent to said website) & FB campaigns haven't been active for the past few months, so being able to strategize the entirety of a marketing campaign (content to advertise, demographics to target, platforms to use) is a skill that the future owner should be exceptional at performing or outsourcing. Whether one chooses to stick with Facebook, of which we've had success with in the past, or one chooses to go with Google Adwords, the next owner of Pawed Goods needs to be able to send a steady flow of cold traffic to this site through paid online advertising.

    Another skill that could be beneficial, of which my partner and I have overlooked, is being proficient at email marketing/CRM. We currently have an email list of 8,200 subscribers, of which we have yet to truly tap into and retarget with email marketing campaigns. Currently, this audience is stored in Mailchimp, but can be transferred to really any CRM platform at the buyer's discretion. Being able to profit off of exceptional CRM skills (setting up email strings, targeting specific subsets of our overall audience, retargeting, weekly newsletters, new product launches, announcing sales, etc.) will truly benefit this business in the future, as we have yet to tap into this opportunity.

    Chris B.Current store owner
    Christopher Basile & Raymond Remo - Current store owners overseeing operations of Pawed Goods. We haven't focused much on this project over recent months being that an abundance of personal responsibilities have come down upon us with the prolongation of the Pandemic. Nevertheless, with this being said, it's time to hand over Pawed Goods to a new owner who could give it the fresh revitalization it needs.


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