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  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month2,332
  • Avg. profit /month

Business Story

Why this business was started

I wanted a niche that was ubiquitous but could still be micro focused / specialized. As a pet owner myself (cats, previously dogs), I knew I could get excited about this business. I previously bought it, and grew it SIGNIFICANTLY very quickly. I bought it because it had a proven ad model, good site design with winning products (one I learned not so great but the others are). It had a strong brand and good marketing.

Shopify values the business at $22K (see proof in screenshot attached) but it's way more since there was really only 1 month (and really only 3 weeks) of real scale / running the business fully. That said, at $5K it is priced to sell FAST.

There is HUGE potential with this company and market with someone that has the time and can give it some love. I'm sad to see it go because I figured this would become a 7 figure business for me (at least multi six figure) within 1-2 years but I just don't have any time whatsoever and ready to just sell it altogether so I can focus elsewhere.

Note: Don't be afraid of the nearly $3K ad spend in FB. I used to be when I saw figures like that. You can start small and scale and I will show you exactly how to do that. In fact, I spent as much as $12K in a few weeks. Reality is, doesn't matter if you spend $60 trillion in ad spend if you make a huge profit, right? Especially if your cash flow isn't an issue and I can help you figure out cash flow and scale properly.

The reason of selling this business

I have a full time job and my responsibility has gone through the roof....I don't have any time AT ALL to focus on this business.

What's involved in running this business

Ads, fulfillment, customer service, product research. All of these can be taught and I can teach. However, it's a business like any other and takes real work. Customer service and fulfillment can be outsourced. And I didn't do a ton of product research because you don't need to right now (but there is growth opportunity there in a big way). I'm confident that refunds would have been significantly less (almost none) without covid. (Covid isn't over the worst has happened I believe)

This business was founded: about 2 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month2,332Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin24%
  • Avg. sales /month659
Other details about profit: Profits could be much higher with simply adding real retargeting and leveraging email marketing more so this is based off very loose one time advertising. Conversion rate was effectively 2.23% and could easily bump to over 3% with a little love (I believe it wouldn't be too hard to get to 4%. Additionally, continued marketing will create better targeting and more cost effective marketing. Furthermore, all profit could easily be scaled in a big way by marketing multiple products (already proven products).
Total revenue
  • $31,620
  • Revenue data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller
    Total traffic
  • 60,636Visits
  • Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


    • Shopify plan
    • Domain
    • Shopify Apps
    • Facebook Ads

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

      Not Included
    • Logo and branding assets

      All ads, ad account, pixel, and everything will be transferred. This includes videos used, images, ad copy, etc. Will add though that the majority are for a product that manufacturers started manufacturing with a defect that caused issues so I'd stick with some of the other ads and videos and there is data and an audience for that. We can discuss more post sale and I will support. Company logo, website, domain, and basically everything I have will be transferred. Images, logo, and website are included directly with store. Everything else will be transferred manually and instructions will be provided via a Google doc on getting access to everything. I will work with you to get access quickly. Note that the FB ad account was suspended due to customers complaining about long delays. The ENTIRE dropshipping industry was on hold during this time due to covid. Fb doesn't seem to care so you will need to get started with a new ad account but i believe you will still be able to leverage the pixel and certainly all the ads and everything. The pixel isn't as big of deal as you think too...I started anew when I bought the business.
    • Personal support after sale

      I will support the owner very hands on for the first 2 weeks to get everything up and running via phone, email, and Skype and teach whatever is necessary and then an additional 2 weeks (via email) specifically to help support customer service issues. If there are needs beyond that, I'll do my best. I won't leave you hanging but my time is extremely limited so I have to try to time box things.
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      Any photos that are used currently on the site will be transferred as well as the few used for ads (other than the images used as the freeze video photo, they are all video ads). These are included with the store.
    • Social media

      Total followers115subscribers
    • Suppliers

      Have used Aliexpress. Had great relationships but covid caused a strain on the entire industry. I'd expect things to be relatively normal now if I fired up ads but there might be some ramping up period with some slight delays. That said, there isn't a dedicated supplier as it makes sense to use a certain supplier (sometimes you have to) for a certain sku, country, shipping option. I've had better relationships and have had way worse for other business. I don't believe there is anything to worried about but may take a few months to gain really strong relationships.
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Soooo much opportunity. Just scaling FB ads alone worked and there is a LOT more potential there! Additionally, I would immediately begin leveraging the email list, and get some influencer marketing on instagram going. Further areas to expand on are YouTube, Google, much more...all platforms not really leveraged. In fact, I made a profit not really even doing retargeting or leveraging email effectively.

    Skills to have

    Knowledge of shopify, FB ads (or other platforms), fulfillment, customer service, and product research are all going to be required and the more you have to start with the easier it will be. But I can teach you any of these with the right committment.

    It's a business like any other and takes real work. Customer service and fulfillment can be outsourced. And I didn't do a ton of product research because you don't need to right now (but there is growth opportunity there in a big way).


    Aaron H.Current store owner
    I'm a marketer that does a good deal of shopify. I grew this business significantly but had to shut it down when covid hit China hard and moved my focus elsewhere and haven't given it the love it deserves. I can help Support getting this going very quickly


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