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  • Avg. sessions /month1,670
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Business Story

Why this business was started

Being a connoisseur of fine arts for over 20 years, I have traveled to the most beautiful places in the world, immersing myself in exquisite art and culture, yearning for a means to share such beauty at affordable prices for the masses. With this passion, I have found a phenomenal supplier who runs one of the highest quality print canvas plants I have seen. With this fantastic relationship with Lily, my contact in China, I decided there is nothing stopping me from creating a shopify store. I am a photographer and artist at heart and many of the paintings on my store I have created myself, along with paintings in which I have the rights to sell. In this way, it became my sole desire to create such a store which juxtaposes beautiful aspects of various cultures in harmonious fashion. Thus, PiecePaintings was born. Using this philosophy, here at PiecePaintings we strive to compile all the most beautiful art in a modern and stylish deconstructed form, while using maximally efficient processes to ensure our customers secure the most value from the lowest prices on the market.

The reason of selling this business

I have started up a brick & mortar business that is taking up too much out of my time. Unfortunately, I've had to let go of this store. I am certain that it would be extremely successful, but the timing isn't there for me. I hope whoever claims this store is able to take on my mission and create an entire industry with PiecePaintings. It would mean the world to me. While I have had great success with this store when ramping up the digital marketing, my responsibilities in opening this restaurant have been too great for me to continue juggling both. I must choose my responsibility of owning a restaurant over being an online store owner. Despite having to let go of my creation, I am sure that someone with passion for online business and a listening ear for my advice can easily and quickly turn this business into a 6/7 figure powerhouse. The market is there waiting to be exploited. With deconstructed piece paintings on an upward trend, the domain solidifying my site as the prime store for the such, and a beautifully interfaced website, [REDACTED] can be extremely successful in the right hands.

What's involved in running this business

Creating designs people would love. With limitless advertising options, this store is perfect for those who excel in target advertising such as facebook. Then there's the social media aspect, where you have to be branding these paintings as PiecePaintings to get the word around. While I definitely do recommend working on SEO (which I would have done had I continued running online vs. brick and mortar), Facebook advertising with PiecePaintings is a reliable source of profit. The advertising campaigns I have run began with thousands of dollars of testing, finding the perfect demographic and country for my paintings. Then, after sufficient testing had been done, Facebook became extremely profitable, gaining on average 2.66 return on ad spend. With the transfer of this store I will also transfer the data I have essentially poured thousands of dollars into attaining which will give the buyer a head start in making profit on PiecePaintings. Moreover, I have contact with various Instagram social media influencers in both the nature and sporting niche I will get you in contact with for further advertising. As far as email lists go, my email list on MailChimp is very responsive, with group broadcasts often generating revenue.

Time to run this business: approximately 50 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month1,670Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin40%
  • Avg. sales /month18

Other details about profit: I was only aggressively marketing November and December. In the first week of December, I hit about $3,000. This means that my actual profit per month is much higher than shown because the first 3 months (Aug-Oct) I was designing, not advertising-- therefore no sales. Moreover, after I opened up my brick and mortar in late December, advertisement halted completely, causing the realistic average profit and average orders to be dramatically skewed down. In reality, in the month of November and December, the average revenue per month would have been closer to 8.4k, with 3.36k in profit per month consisting of 49 orders per month. With consistent advertising, learning what we have learned about our target audiences, I am sure that these numbers will be the starting point for a buyer, and with tweaking can easily and surely lead to more profit per month. This being said, December is the proof that PiecePaintings are an alive and upcoming niche. While I truly would wish to ride this wave to the top, my responsibilities for my new restaurant are too time consuming. December was the only month I took online advertising seriously and the returns were astronomical (average ROAS of 3.7). With this same advertising fervor backed with the thousands I have poured into testing, PiecePaintings are without a doubt a sure source of profit in an infinitely large market.

Total revenue
  • $9,682
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    • Shopify plan
    • Domain
    • Paid Apps
    • Facebook
    • Graphic Designer Freelancer

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventoryNot Included
    • Logo and branding assetsEverything will be provided, including the passwords to the Social Media Accounts which both have thousands of followers, in depth ads manager data, target markets, online influencer profiles, and market strategy.
    • Personal support after saleI will explain the business through Skype for 3 days, answering any and all questions. Moreover, I will explain our facebook marketing model and ensure that the buyer has a firm grasp on how exactly to run profitable ads with this niche. Until my buyer feels comfortable that he/she can run profitable ads/create an SEO website, I will offer support and a plethora of knowledge I have gained in this niche of online art.
    • Domain
    • Product photosI will get you in contact with my supplier who takes all my photos for free. This is very helpful. The supplier sends zip folders of 1080p photos.
    • Social media
      Total followers8,440subscribers
    • Suppliers
    • Mailing list

    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    I would focus on becoming a brand. With the idea of "PiecePaintings," being SEO optimized under that domain would bring in customers that are loyal, understand the canvases, and would share them to their friends. I would also begin more email list campaigns-- working on creating a fan base for the artwork. Along with the SEO which I believe would cement as the prime brand for deconstructed art, I would hone in on my Facebook advertising skills, creating lookalike audiences from the plethora of data I have attained and allowing me to further scale winning adsets.

    Skills to have

    Important skills for managing this website are as follows: -Knowledge of online advertising using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter -Creative mentality to create new designs which fit a target audience in mind -Building a brand through social media and email marketing

    (I can help with all these things, giving key insights into what I have learned specifically with this brand).

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