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General description

This is an online store in the EDM/Music festival niche. This is one of the most popular niches that so few are capitalizing on. The website has been optimized in every aspect for any potential buyer. The store has over 50 products (majority of which have several variants) that were tactically chosen for profit margins and consumer wants. I reached out to over 50 people who actively attend these events and festivals to see exactly what they wanted to see and buy. This website can easily generate over 200k in sales in 2018 with the marketing strategy I devised that I would be willing to divulge to the buyer. I own/manage many large Shopify stores and know exactly what it takes to have a successful store. All of the very small details that make a website superior to its competitors are on this store.

Why should someone buy this store?

This store has limitless potential. It has been optimized in every possible aspect. All of the products have been tactically chosen to reap the highest profit margins while still offering phenomenal products to your customers. There is nothing stopping this store from making 200k in the next 6 months. I am an expert in site optimization and have implemented every piece of knowledge I know to make this business viable for mass scaling. I will also be sharing a lot of valuable marketing tactics and advice with the buyer that can only be attained through years of experience. While I will not be able to provide long-term support, I will certainly be here for anything you need to get your store up and running. Most importantly, the competitors in this space all have horrible stores. The space is not saturated and is waiting for someone to explode onto the scene and make some serious money.

How can the future owner improve the business?

There is always room for improvement. As time goes on there will always be products that you will want to add to your store. I also have a great method for finding the best products for this store that I will share with the buyer. In terms of long term improvement, all you need to do is contact me and let me know the direction you want to take the store. I will be able to tell you exactly how to get where you want to go and the steps to get there.

What work have you put into the store?

Uploaded over 50+ products (most of which have several variants,) Organized all products into collections for customer convenience. Applied tags to all products so customer can scan through collections easier. Optimized all SEO product and page descriptions for Google listings. Attached each product variant to a picture so when customer is browsing variants they can easily see which product is associated with variant name. Optimized all product variant listings (Small, Medium, Large is far better than S,M,L) Optimized website layout to boost conversion rates. Installed a mail-list gathering application for email targeting purposes. There is a lot more that I would love to talk to the buyer about but these are just a few things that I have done for the store. There are a massive amount of reviews attached to the store wit the app AliReviews. Due to the fact that I do not want to continue to pay for the subscription, you can not see them currently. However, once the app is re-downloaded, their servers will apply all of the reviews attached. I spent over 100 hours making reviews to make the store have that added level of social proof.
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

    Not Included

  • Logo and branding assets

    Via e-mail or whichever option is easiest for both parties.

  • Social media accounts

    Not Included

  • Personal support after sale

    Which applications that have data that you can use as well as the best way to run the store. I will provide any help for up to 7 days following the sale.

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    Via e-mail or whichever option is easiest for both parties.

Social Media

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