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General description

Easy to run self made products site that takes less than 4 hours per week to run. Perfect for beginner or expert. Lots of growth opportunity. For beginners - it's a great started site that comes with over 9 products uploaded and 200 of images uploaded. The sales process is simple, you just place orders with PRINTFULL. For Experts - this site has a ton of room for growth. Add more suppliers, extend hobby base, add to existing portfolio of sites. Opportunities to add new products, join additional marketplaces and use other means of advertising means there is a lot of room left for growth. Tech Used: Shopify and Google Analytics , Faebook pixel and few other apps. Sale Includes: Shopify website, Social media accounts - facebook page control with over 30 likes. Pinterest - I think pinterest will be a great way to drive free/qualified traffic. I simply did not have the time or passion to build this. Again, needs a social media marketer. FB ads - Great place to gain qualified leads SELLER INTERVIEW How is your business monetized? eCommerce Please describe your business model Dropshipping website in Metal Detector Niche. About 3-4 hours per week to manage site and fulfill orders. Are you the original owner of the business? Yes Which platform does the website use? Shopify Where is the site hosted and will this need to change after purchase? Shopify - domain is with GoDaddy Can the website’s revenue be accurately tracked back to the website? Yes, revenue can be accurately tracked back to the business. What are the main expenses of the business? Fixed costs are $30 per month for Shopify and app. Cost of products and advertising. Advertising can cost as much or as little as you'd like. Please list all domain names you are including in the sale [REDACTED] Which accounts will you be including? Facebook page managment What are the primary traffic sources of the site? (Choose the top 2) Organic & Paid Search - Most traffic comes from paid advertising via Facebook AD. I have taken the time to create custom product descriptions to set us apart. Task 1 - Product Updates Description - Update prices, add new products, update quantities per supplier data files. Who - Owner Hours per week - 1 How may people perform this task? - 1 Task 2 - Customer Support Description - Answering emails, phone calls, etc. Who - Owner Hours per week - 1 How may people perform this task? - 1 Task 3 - Fulfilling Orders Description - fulfill orders on houzz, supplier portal or via email Who - Owner Hours per week - 1 How may people perform this task? - 1 Does the owner need specific skillsets in order to successfully operate the site? No. This site requires minimal time and energy. It requires someone that has the time to market and update the website to grow organic traffic. Do you and/or any employees or freelancers provide customer support? Yes What makes your website better than its competition? Overall website aesthetic. Easy to navigate. Free Shipping. Custom product descriptions. Does the business store physical inventory? No Does the business benefit from volume pricing arrangements with its suppliers? Yes How often and through which channels do you pay suppliers for purchased goods? Directly with credit card What is the average lead time from the order date until customer receives the good? 10-35 days. What are the primary growth opportunities for the business going forward? Adding new products. I have a list of 50+ more potential suppliers that would fit into this niche. Adding to the backyard niche, furniture, pizza ovens, coolers, etc.

Why should someone buy this store?

A professional desing store.

How can the future owner improve the business?

Add more products

What work have you put into the store?

Allot of work
Time to run this business: approximately 3 hours per week
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

    Not Included

  • Logo and branding assets

  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

  • Domain

  • Product photos

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