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General description

Valuation is also based on Shopify's valuation tool, we lowered the price from $70,000 to $35,800 but the current value by Shopify is $89,670. Reason why we lowered the price is because we have moved all our resources to focus on our other business. Everything is still running and profitable but we rather hand it over to someone who can spend more time on it to make it grow.

Secret Golf Society is an Online Apparel and Accessories company focusing on golfers of all types. We have grown this brand from nothing in June 2017, to a store that has generated over $255,000 revenue run by two people.

It's a drop shipping focused business, using a print on demand supplier, their app is integrated into shopify and every sale made automatically gets fulfilled. However some items are purchased from Aliexpress/Alibaba and fulfilled using Oberlo.

This is the perfect store for someone with some decent skills in online marketing and loves golf. While this store generates 3,000-5,000 in profit each month from Facebook ads on low ad spend, around $200-$400 a day it can do much more, easily double. (we haven't attempted to scale yet), there is a lot of potential on Instagram and Google Adwords which we haven't touched. Including many more products to sell in the golf niche, also golfers tend to have deeper pockets.

The store has a conversion rate of 2.54%, which means its in the top 10%, as the average eCommerce conversion rate is 1.56%.

In September we had a video ad with low CPC so that caused a surge in clicks and we were also testing a lot of product designs. We then cut the bad performers resulting in lower traffic.

The reason for the dip in October / November is because we started to focus more on other projects and couldn't keep up, so we had to lower the ad spend.

From the month mid November up to end December we haven't focused much on the website, especially since December 6th all Facebook campaigns had been paused and instead generating organic sales. This was due to me being on holiday and my business partner had to go through a spontaneous medical treatment, thus no time to focus on the business. Which is a pity as Christmas had potential to scale.

January / Feb 2018 was all based on organic sales, no ad spend as we stopped running traffic to focus on our other business.

From March till now we started running ads again between $30-$110 dollar a day, using a bit of cash flow to keep the website active while we focus on our other business.

Most time is put into finding winning Tshirt and Polo designs, and customer support, but that can all be outsourced. We did this all our selves.

I will share all marketing material including best selling products and Facebook campaigns. All designs and files will become property of the new owner. Including large email list of subscribers and buyers with multi level email flows. The webshop is also linked with Facebook messenger for abandoned carts etc.

We are selling the business as we are working on another store in a completely different niche and would like to focus our time there. In general golf is not our passion and was more of a quick decision to jump into the e-commerce venture. Someone with more passion for golf and a team can definitely do a much better job than we did. Also it really is about creating that one T-shirt or Polo embroidery design for it to become a big winner.

We also have a product with big potential, it's an item with bigger margins, and can be aimed at selling to Golf Courses etc. We haven't done much marketing for that specific product but got a couple of sales on low ad spend.

However, if it doesn't sell, we will continue developing the webshop.

Why should someone buy this store?

Secret Golf Society is an online apparel and accessories company focusing on golfers of all types. Currently the competition in this niche is very low.

How can the future owner improve the business?

While this store generates 2,000-5,000 in profit each month from Facebook ads. It can do much more by increasing the spending budget, new designs and potential targeting even Instagram and Google Adwords.

Contact golf influencers on Instagram to promote the site.

For more growth it’s best to come up with more designs which can lead to more sales. Find one good polo embroidery design and you can scale it all over Facebook. Same goes for caps and tshirts. Keep being persistent testing new designs and see how people engage to them on Facebook, finding one that appeal to a wider audience.

We stopped testing designs in October as we moved on to our other business.

What work have you put into the store?

Everything from building the store, products logo design, customer support and advertising....

Time to run this business: approximately 5 hours per week
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  • Avg. Revenue /month
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