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Business Story

Why this business was started

We are very big on how being positive in life can affect others in a positive way. My research online using all social media platforms concluded that millions of people are sharing positive affirmations with each other anyway. Our idea was to provide products with positive messages that reinforce the power of positivity in our own lives and to have an affect on others. So we took the plunge and set up the store, found designs and made our own designs and got the site to launch.

The reason of selling this business

I'm selling because my wife and I have demanding jobs and we have learned that there is no time to put into the business. Building it was a lot of work, but running it and growing it is a lot more involved and we have had no time to get it off the ground. It was able to be done in our spare time, as we had time. But now that the site is built and ready for customers and to be marketed, the demand to set up and maintain advertising, marketing efforts and social media presence is just too much for us. We decided to sell this company now, before there are any customers 1) so that a new owner could have a fresh start in growing the business without being stuck with a model put in place that might not be as good as they could do themselves, and 2) so that a buyer could come in at the ground floor of this opportunity at a very low price compared to what it would cost to buy this business once it reaches the potential I know it has.

What's involved in running this business

The website is totally built and functioning, ready for sales, with a large inventory of designs and products with those designs. The sales functionality and connectivity with the back end fulfillment companies has been tested and ready for sales. All it needs now is traffic. I have no idea how much customer service time will be needed, but it will be minimal based on how the site is set up in automation of the sales process and the terms for sales (right now the terms are no-refunds due to the product being custome made, which you are free to change). There is a toll free phone number for the company, but it is set up to go to voicemail with a message that encourages them to email for fastest support. I also have a very reliable company from Upwork who built the site for me who is willing to manage the site for $80 per month if desired (which I have been doing because I don't have time to run this business). The only other costs right now are the Shopify monthly fees of $37 (for the storefront and the monthly charges for the fulfillment company apps). Any additional costs would be for money put into driving traffic.

There are no financials to work with regarding sales. This is a start up company with an asset firmly in place ready to take traffic/customers. We put a lot of money into the building of the site, having designs done and setting up the initial product line and storefront. You would definitely need to continue having designs created, which we can help you with if you are interested. Once you have designs, there are so many products you can create from there with each design. Designs average $5 per design.

The only other costs to running this site are:

1) The Shopify store related costs. Shopify charges me $37 per month to have this site live, which includes the monthly cost for the fulfillment company apps. Naturally, there will costs for shipping charges and transaction fees for each sale, but those are set up to automatically be taken by the fulfillment companies upon each sale. You will need to monitor those as you go.

2) Domain - the [REDACTED] domain is registered with GoDaddy and is scheduled for renewal on July 23, 2019. You would pay whatever the yearly domain cost is. Hosting is done by Shopify so the hosting fee is built into the Shopify monthly cost.

This business was founded: over 1 year ago
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week

Sale Includes

  • Physical inventory

    Not available for starter stores
  • Logo and branding assets

    Everything is custom made by the fulfillment company at the time of the order and drop shipped to the customer. The two fulfillment companies used have superior service and work with you every step of the way (even let you use their address as the business address). Designs are uploaded onto products within the Shopify store product fulfillment companies who take the orders and fulfill them. The only work for the owner of Share Positive Energy is customer service. The rest of the business runs automatically once the products are set up. We spent the last year coming up with designs, building the website, and creating a following on Pinterest and Instagram. The Facebook page is newly created and has posts from our Instagram automatically posted on the Facebook page. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE SALE: 1) The Shopify Store - includes the Share Positive Energy website, the license for the "Konversion" theme used for the site, and all information for the accounts associated with the Shopify store (i.e., login info for the Shopify store and the apps used with the site). This store is connected to our Gmail account. I will give you the login info and you just take over. I will need you to provide me with your personal information so you take over the Shopify monthly payment before taking over the account. The Shopify apps connected to the store are: Print Tech - most products (clothing, mugs, bags, pop sockets, etc) WC Fulfillment - phone cases and phone wallet cases. Klaviyo - email lists and marketing (had MailChimp originally, but they pulled out of Shopify and this one was highly recommend in it's place) That's it. There are bunch of other apps in the admin, but none of them are connected or used yet. These three are all that is required to run this POD store. 2) The domain - [REDACTED] This is on GoDaddy, so I will transfer the domain to your GoDaddy account or other registrar. 3) The Gmail account. I will just give you the login for the Gmail account and you simply take over. This account also connects to the Google Analytics and the business phone number provided by Google Talk. 4) Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. With Pinterest and Instagram, they are set up as Share Positive Energy, so I will give you the logins to just take over. With Facebook, the page is associated with my personal FB account. I'm not sure how we transfer that to your FB account. I will need help from you to figure this out. 5) All designs and logos. These are all on the Google Drive associated with the Gmail account that you just take over and have access to. There are lots of designs that have not been put on products in the store yet, and folders with all kinds of ideas. 6) Transfer of exclusive rights to the designs and any fair use licenses associated with the design. 7) You will get my list of people who built and run the site, as well as the designers who were paid to create custom designs for the company. I might have forgotten some small details, but just know that anything connected to this business is yours upon purchase.
  • Personal support after sale

    You will have access to me if you have any problems with making the transfers involved and how I uploaded products. I think one month access should be plenty of time. Since I have never had any customers, I can't help with running the site or how to market.
  • Domain

  • Product photos

    Not Included
  • Social media

    Total followers1,120subscribers
  • Suppliers

    Not available for starter stores
  • Mailing List

    Not Included

Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

I would spend money wisely on testing designs on FB and on advertising through FB and Google and Instagram. Mostly, I would continue to post effectively on Instagram, Pinterest and FB, and work on SEO for the search engines.

Skills to have

Not really. A love for sharing positive messages and getting familiar with the Print On Demand business, using FB as a marketing and sales tool, and how to use Upwork and Fiverr for getting designs done.


Positive S.Current store owner
I'm a full-time writer and have 11 children. I ran my own businesses for over 20 years.


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