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General description

This is an identical copy [Replica] of my highest paying Ecom store Shark Offers, Which generated over 1.8 Million Dollars in sales in less than a year working part time while travelling the world.

I am selling this store as I am focusing on other projects and the reason why this is such a great opportunity for you is because I am going to give you the strategy behind it all for FREE with the purchase of the store. This includes an E-book and Video Course which documents the entire process of sourcing the products, launching ads and scaling.

You may look at our store compared to other's on here and immediately go for one that "looks better" and that's cool if you want a store just to look cool, however, if you want a turn-key business system then we can help you out.

I started Shark Offers as a side business last year and it brought in about 1.8 Million Dollars (see attached screenshot) from about an hour or two per day of work. In fact, we were consistently doing $10,000 per day while focusing on the store.

Now as you'll immediately notice, the look of our store is nothing special, so what allowed us to have an asset that we could "turn on" whenever we wanted some extra cash flow? Well that would be our systems, processes, and formulas BEHIND the curtain that made this work so flawlessly.

THAT is ultimately what we are offering you...

If you already have an eCommerce operation or are looking for a store to start running with then we can help you not only with explaining why our ugly store easily made over 1.8 Million Dollars in our spare time but also what systems, processes, and formulas we used to allow us to unplug from the business and just come and check in on the sales everyday. You know, to make sure that the boat was going in the right direction while we sat back and enjoyed the view.

We decided a while back to put all of our time and energy into our bigger operations and our main businesses but then a friend told us that we should list our store on this Exchange so we figured, why not? It's better to give this store away along with all the things we did behind the scenes to make it work.

So if you're curious at all about the store or maybe you're just looking to get your hands on the process, systems, and formulas that we used to find and pick winning products, to hire the right people so it ran on autopilot, and how we were profitably spending $10,000+ per day on Facebook ads - well then - let's talk.

Thanks for your time,


P.S. If you look on our facebook page that's attached you'll also see a demonstration of us running an ad to one of our products last year. The video reached 31,000,000+ people, had 15 Million views, had 32k likes, almost 10k shares, a lot of comments, and we sold $522k worth of Drones from that one little ad at a 27% net margin ($140k profit). It is exactly the same store replica that we are selling here, only newer. Once you get a profitable facebook ad you just keep reinvesting the profits and scaling up... it took us under $1,000 to get that working and to we just kept reinvesting out of that original $1,000. We then went on to find better methods for FB traffic that we didn't post to our fan page. This is just 1 of many campaign examples.

P.P.S. We originally started this store with a few thousand dollars. All of the ad spend you see was from that original few thousand. We just kept reinvesting from the profits and never needed to take outside investors, capital, or debt to make it happen. That's the power of what you can do when you learn to multiply dollars every day with the process that we had.

Financials and traffic

*The details we've provided on our profit is from our only 2 months we ran the store, overall our net margin on 85 thousand dollars was 17% after ad spend, COGS, and fees. The way we ran this business was on the side so it was very sporadic, even with that, we brought in a nice chunk of change because of the processes, systems, and formulas we used behind the scenes because let's be honest... the looks/brand of the store is nothing special. It's all about what you don't see that makes this eCommerce business flourish.

Average profit/month

$40,000 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Lifetime revenue

$84,959.00 USD

Lifetime traffic

259,034 Sessions

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Business Expenses

Monthly Plan, Subscriptions and Advertising costs are all dependant on what you will choose.

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What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media





Social media followers

4,000 people

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

See the description of this listing where I explained it thoroughly. :)

How can the future owner improve the business?

You can take the processes, systems, and formulas that we will give you to scale it. Also, we made plans to get to 7 figures per month that we never implemented as that would have taken too much of our time and focus away from our main businesses. So the owner could do what we did to bring in an extra 5 - 6 figures a month on the side or they can scale it up to a full-time thing. It's up to them, and I would be glad to walk them through the plans to do so if they want.

What work have you put into the store?

Depends on what your goals are. Like I said in the following question, we were doing 5 - 6 figures per month and even 5 figures per day (I'll attach screenshots) with 1 - 2 hours of work per day. So it was just a little side business for us, a hobby, but if the future owner wants to really scale it up I have a lot of recommendations and I also will recommend things in terms of the branding and the look of the store moving forward.

$15,000 USD

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