General description

Smokey Joey is a place where we love our barbecues, love our food and love our community. Standing by the grill, smelling the good food, whilst talking with you friends and family. Its one of the best feeling in the world right?

Here at Smokey Joey we sell all types of kitchen/BBQ items, utensils, and gadgets. Things that will make your time in the great out doors easier and more fun. Get what you need at the lowest prices around. Great place to find gifts or that perfect addition to your own utensils. New items are added monthly.

It all started when we realized that there is a high potential for BBQ gadgets in the market. People love to create and feel they have done something themselves. BBQ lovers everywhere love the outdoors and love to cook. People everywhere search for new tools and gadgets which will make their cooking experience much better. We have conducted an extensive research, with different tools, before starting about the demand and the need of kitchen gadgets. People are ready to pay on quality gadgets a lot of money. This understanding caused us to create an online store [REDACTED] with an added value for customers. We understood that this market is on a steady rise. Our audience is people who looking for high quality products that will save them long time in cooking. As we found the right products we spent a lot of time on writing attractive descriptions of each product page. We opened facebook page and used Facebook Ads platform in order to find and target relevant segments. This online store is a great starter store, and now we are looking ahead for a new project. We really believe on its potential to grow and be a main factor, we implanted the routes and basics and now we are looking for someone who will take it another step forward.

Why should someone buy this store?

Why should someone buy this store? ⦁ Extra income for thoes staying at home/part time or full time works ⦁ SEO( keywords research has been taken and keywords are implanted in meta tags on each page). ⦁ Killer products with high demand. ⦁ Cool domain name that is valued.

How can the future owner improve the business?

⦁ Keep using facebook ads to target potential customers and remarket for existing customers. ⦁ Continue finding new trend gadgets wtih high demand. ⦁ Using Email marketing methods to remarkating for existing customers. ⦁ Utilize Instagram more.

What work have you put into the store?

⦁ Increased Instagram Post. ⦁ Products research - finding the best products to sell. ⦁ Creating a relevant audience with targeting for people with interest in cooking with Facebook Ads. ⦁ SEO strategies - keywords research, on page optimizations.

Time to run this business: approximately 7 hours per week
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