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General description

A NEW Truly Wireless Earbud website setup. Complete with fully bespoke Website Design, Packaging Design and Brand Kit. With collaboration with a leading communications technology manufacturer in China, we successfully developed BeatBuds, a pair of truly wireless stereo earbuds with flawless premium sound quality and an innovative on-the-go charging pod. With a built-in MEMS omnidirectional microphone you can take calls, and initiate voice prompts - compatible with Siri and Google Now. Tested to meet IPX4 standards the Earbuds are water resistant and sweat-proof. How does the store operate? The site runs with two different models: 1. The Wireless BeatBuds product which is not sold through AliExpress or Amazon - there is a great opportunity here to sell this as a branded product by buying in bulk from our supplier and using the packaging designs (that come with the website purchase) to sell directly to customers through the website and Amazon. You can outsource fulfillment by using Amazon fulfillment services or any other fulfillment service. 2. The site is integrated with Oberlo and features a range of products from Aliexpress. Oberlo automates the process completely - orders go directly to Aliexpress and the products are shipped directly to the customer. This also gives you access to a massive range of products which you can retail through the site.

Why should someone buy this store?

While many Bluetooth earphones on the market feature either good sound quality, cool design, or an affordable price, no product delivers all three - until now. We created BeatBuds to offer an innovative, affordable and visually captivating wireless earbud with an unparalleled listening experience. Customer response to BeatBuds Wireless Earbuds has been incredibly positive The Innovative On-the-Go sleek Charging Pod makes it more than just another Bluetooth Headset. Using the latest Bluetooth 4.2V connection and CSR decoder chipset the lightweight yet powerful earbuds provide superior sound quality, a step above the rest.

How can the future owner improve the business?

There is also the opportunity to improve the business and massively increase the sales of the Wireless Buds by: * Starting a Crowdfunding project on platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo * Wholesaler or distributor - Companies that buy bulk quantities and then resell them in smaller amounts to retailers or other resellers. * Outside Sales reps - Another option for product distribution channels would be to use an outsourced sales force. Typically this would be a company that handles multiple brands for sale in a specific geographic location. * Social Brand Ambassadors - A brand ambassador can help us reach both awareness and revenue goals for the brand. The focus of the program goals are around quantity and quality of brand ambassadors. * Google PPC / SEO / Pinterest PPC / Bing PPC / Facebook ads – Reach out to thousands of people. This is one of the if not the most effective way to reach out to cold traffic. * Private Labeling Through Amazon FBA

What work have you put into the store?

Basically this is a ready made brand waiting for someone who can get right in there and start to make sales.
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