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General description

Do you like to record music? Do you perhaps own your own home or professional recording studio? Then this should pique your interest for sure. Not only can you become a supplier of all the major brands of professional Music Recording, Sound and Virtual modeling and Plugin Software, but you also get all these products at dealership prices for yourself. And here is the best part. In many case the publishers will give you free product so you can review them for your store. Pretty sweet deal. So why the three domain names? Why is the price is so high? Take your time and read through and I'll show you how you can get this store for a lot less.... as low as $10,000 to $15000.... First of all, why are Downloads the best way to sell? Downloads means No Shipping Costs, No Warehouse costs. Your Customers get instant delivery! Access to over 2500 products! Here's the deal. I really don't want to sell the actual domain name StagePass .com. I've had the domain for a very long time (20 years now) but we have come to realize that it's really not the best name for selling the software we offer. We believe StagePass is better suited to a magazine / blog / video / audio and stage lighting kind of site.... We think a keyword rich also well aged domain name like iMusicSoftware .com (which we also own) would have a much better impact on sales since it would have the keywords music software right in the domain name (this domain name is also part of the offer on the table here)....Anyway I have come up with a plan going forward. Please bear with me as the following information, while lengthy will help you decide whether this business is right for you, and at the best possible price. StagePass Domain History: I've owned the domain since 1998 and for about 10 years StagePass Inc. was one of the largest sheet music and music book stores in the world. We sold millions of dollars worth of product. At our peek we had an average of 15000 uniques a day and during Christmas would top out at 29000 per day. We specialized in big band and orchestra sheet music and even supplied the the 44th Annual Grammy Awards that were held on February 27, 2002 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Our finest moment. :) Therefore the brand name is well established with google. However, the company fell on hard times as many other American companies did in 2008. We had a lot of expenses including a shipping dept (that's what cost the most to maintain) and once the revenue fell below a certain point the writing was on the wall. We went out of business in 2010 and my partners pursued different opportunities. Since then I took over the company domains and finally reinstated StagePass only this time we would be selling software for musicians, specializing in DAW's and plugins for home and larger recording studios including all the major brands like Antares (AutoTune), Avid ProTools, EASTWEST, and many more (see picture of the brands we presently carry which is only a fraction of what is available to us). So my point is that StagePass is an established and recognized brand. We own multiple domains and variations of this domain that can be transferred to the winning bidder including .com .net, .ca, .org, .co, .tv, .info stagepassnews .com (our really old news site), stagepassradio .com (now defunct) , mystagepass., yourstagepass, stagepasslive .com .etc. There are a few more but I think you get the buy this domain you buy net wide control over a very strong brand. Why Am I Selling I just turned 61 years old. I need to cut down on the number of projects I'm involved in... (wife's orders)... I would like to keep the StagePass domain and dabble in an entertainment site and if I make a few $ on the side .....great ....but I really just want to see how far I can take it. Right now we are closing in on 9000 followers on our facebook page....and I have an emotional connection to the website. However, something has to change here... I simply don't have enough hours in a day to promote StagePass by creating a entertainment site or be selling software. On top of that we have much bigger project in the background for Cooksmart .com and .tv (a new site is being built in the background complete with a Social Media network (like facebook only for people who like to cook and share recipes). I can't see myself having more than 9 years of doing something(s) have to go. Again, I hate to sell any of it ...but in everyone's life there comes a time when tough decisions have to be made. My New Plan The name of the company that is licensed to sell the software is Barracuda Music but we are presently selling the products on StagePass. We own the .com domain to the Barracuda Music name but have not developed a website. We had plans for a corporate website down the road. We also own a killer .com domain name in iMusicSoftware which would be perfect for download music software of this type.... but again, never developed it. Right now there is an old defunct site that we left out there just because it gets crawled by Google. Once that site is replaced by modern, html 5, responsive design, with the right SEO I'm positive it will really take off in the SERP results just because of it's age alone. If I don't sell the domain StagePass, as I previously mentioned I am going to remake it into more of an entertainment / online magazine / blogger / videos / kind of site and maybe sell a few products via dropship and then link back to the present store under a Software menu link. That means moving StagePass domain to a WordPress site on my own server. What does that have to do with the present store you wonder? Well since this is presently a Shopify store, I could easily aim one of the other .com domain names like iMusicSoftware or BarracudaMusic at the same shopify store and BINGO...the store name changes (would need a new logo and updates to the privacy wording etc but everything else would stay the same, including the customer list, and API call code that we installed). Doing it this way would retain all the special coding that was needed to sell the software (which would cost a small fortune to have redone by the way). Software is transferred through an API call via the licensed distributor. It's our own private app if you will. We literally have hundreds if not a thousand more products to upload (more coming everyday but I am only one person and it takes time to make a page). If you start browsing the pages you will see how intricate some of the pages are. If you buy the software business, we give you access to the distributor site, change the company address, phone number and email to yours and turn over the main password and poof you are the owner and ready to sell some software. Are you with me so far? Good...that means you have the patience and attention to detail needed to be a successful online entrepreneur. Ok, as I said earlier there is a way you can into this business for a lot less .....and here's how. The following is a breakdown of the options you have along with how much it will ultimately cost you. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Option 1 All of it. The site StagePass .com including the business as it now stands including all StagePass domain name(s) along with the killer software domain iMusicSoftware .com the business domain name which is BarracudaMusic .com, that you can make a corporate site out of or sell more software....up to you! = $25,000 for everything. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Option 2 Now here's where it gets interesting for those of you who are interested in selling the software.... iMusicSoftware .com - I redirect this name to the present store, get new logo changed (even if it's temporary) + you get access to continue to sell the software = $15,000 I change the store over to the iMusicSoftware .com and move Stagepass as per my plan above and agree to give you (in writing) a top level menu link called Software that would link to the new store iMusic Sotware. for the people coming back to Stagepass looking for the software, it's in my best interest to do so). I will do this for 2 years for free with the option to renew for a fair price if you wish to continue, but by then you should be established under the new brand and StagePass will not longer be associated with software according to Google....but you might want to keep the back link... that's up to you... (we can cross that bridge two years from now) I will also throw in the name of the business (Barracuda Music) .com domain which you can either use to sell software or just use as your corporate website. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Option 3 The .com domain BarracudaMusic $10,000 only - This is the Basic bones....but where can you get a store with a software license and all the code done for you for this kind of price. Same as above, I change the store over to BarracudaMusic .com and move Stagepass as per my plan above and agree to give you a menu link called Software that would link to the new store BarracudaMusic .com _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Option 4 StagePass .com the Brand with the domain name(s) ONLY. This is WITHOUT the software license = $15000 (as you can probably tell I don't want to sell this domain name but if I do, that's my price) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ In all of these scenarios, I will offer my expertise and help with the transition in every way. I know how daunting this will be for the new owner if it's the software business you are after. Therefore I will be here to answer all the questions I am sure you will have until the learning curve is complete and you feel you have a good understanding of how it all works. I'm sure you have questions.... fire away......

Why should someone buy this store?

This store is ideally suited to someone who loves to record music. If you have your own home or commercial recording studio then chances are you have the basic knowledge already of the kind of product this store sells. We have a great selection of brand name music software, DAW's, plugins, virtual sounds modules, you name it.. Prices on software have a minimum advertised price (MAP) with an average markup of 25-35% with the occasional promotional deal that benefits the customer and the seller. What MAP means is that all dealers can only go so low with their prices keeping it more about customer service and management instead of just who offers the lowest price.

How can the future owner improve the business?

If it's up to me, I'm going to move the software business over the which is a keyword rich aged domain name more suitable for the product we sell. IT will definitely help in search engines SERPS results. StagePass will go on to become more of a entertainment site focusing on videos etc. That's just my thoughts. The entire idea of being a new owner is it's your dream to do in your own way. I'm here for advice only if you want it.

What work have you put into the store?

A lot of time went into this. Each product page (as you will see) was not simply thrown together. That's what takes most of the time putting up new products is the attention to detail on each product. We have over 400 products right now but literally hundreds more to go up and we are getting new publishers by the days. There are still a lot more publishers to apply for (it's easy to apply within the distributors website) but right now we have more product than hours in a day to put up so we haven't applied for any news ones lately. However with that said some of the publishers reached out to us and we don't say no so we are still picking up new ones that way.
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week
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  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month509
  • Avg. Profit /month
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Barracuda M.

Running this business for over 3 years
Barracuda Music is our company name. If you are buying our license, you should also add to your business license a DBA (doing business as) under this name as it is the name the software is licensed under. BarracudaMusic .com will also be transferred to the buyer of the store regardless of which price point and offer you choose..
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