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  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month9,003
  • Avg. Profit /month

General description

Styledfourless is a dropshipping business that started almost a year ago. It's an online webshop that sells women's clothing. As a young woman I know the struggles that occur when on a budget due to school. I was inspired by young entrepreneurs to start something myself. As the name suggests "Styledfourless" is aimed at young women who love to shop but are on a budget. Not only that but the style is very reletable. During this journey I spent a lot of time on building brand awareness through influencers aswell as marketing material such as custom hang tags, polymailers and cards as the goals of my business was to transition to wholesale. I was very passionate about this project and held a small photoshoot for product photo's. A had quite the bumps along the way and believe that despite these bumps, "Styledfourless" has a lot of potential. This brings me to why I'm ultimately selling Styledfourless. The webshop has a lot of growth potential. I believe that someone who shares the same passion as me and perhaps more experiences in the asepects where I lack, can take "Styledfourless" where it needs to be.

Why should someone buy this store?

Styledfourless has a lot of potential and from what I have seen peeks a lot of interests with the youth. When you buy Styledfourless you are not just buying the store but the brand and the community that has been acquired throughout this year. I am essentially selling you the brand. You will have access to a list of subscribers who have already shown to be interested in fashion and apparel aswell as a social media platform that has gained a lot of traffic.

How can the future owner improve the business?

Styledfourless get's a lot of traffic and is getting recognition on Social media . Therefore the traffic and the brand recognition that it's been having can be used to turn visitors into customers.

What work have you put into the store?

I spent a lot of time on marketing on Social media. Searching for the right influencers to represent the brand. The brand has created quite the attention with as result a lot of influencers who reach out to work with "Styledfourless." I build a social media following and a long list of email subscribers. Along the way I also held a photoshoot and developed custom polymalers, hangtags and cards;
Time to run this business: approximately 11 hours per week
Traffic and Performance
  • Avg. Revenue /month
  • Avg. Sessions /month9,003
  • Avg. Profit /month
  • Profit Margin20%
  • Avg. Sales /month10
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Sale Includes
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  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

    I will be of personal help throughout this process and will explain the important details and processes that take place when an order comes in.

  • Domain

  • Product photos

    All images that are up on the website aswell as the images that where taken during my photoshoot will be transferred in the process.

Social Media

Mailing list241subscribers
Social followers1,735subscribers
Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

What would I be doing with Styledfourless, If I wasn't selling Styledfourless? I would gradually transition from dropshipping to wholesale and buy up stock.This will make fulfillments easier as you are not depended of suppliers when orders come in. Instead There will be more control over this process whenever an order comes in. This will make it easier to start branding all items with hang tags, labels and personal cardsto give customers a more familiar feeling. After having a clear idea of which countries and cities have the most brand awareness, testing the waters before commiting to a retail store would be the plan. How do I want to do this? A pop-up store Tour for "Styledfourless" to gain attraction. This will be determinant along other factors to open up a first retail store. I would fund this by investing in marketing through influencers, google and social media especially to create brand awareness and attract new customers. SEO would also be a key in getting "Styledfourless" to the top.