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Business Story

Why this business was started

The idea for this store started by typing in "men's accessories" on Google Trends. When I saw the trend starting to going up over the past 14 years, it meant guys were looking to look good and stylish. And they were searching for a solution online.

The name has changed a few times to get it to resonate with people.

Sir Good Looking is the final name.

As a guy with modeling experience, I knew if that the combination of an online store, myself in lifestyle photos and the accessories niche together would go well. After all... what's the purpose of a model? To market products.

After noticing that the cost of acquiring a customer was about $20-$25 and each accessory was about $19,99, the best I could do was break even.

As the year progressed, my master skill was creative copywriting. This is where it gets exciting and different for the customer experience and brand voice.

Since majority of Shopify stores and teachers teach how to go from Facebook Ad to product page, there was nothing unique about the store except the lifestyle photos promoting the products. Until I dug deep into my creativity and realized a different approach would be to write creative stories that people visited after being shown an ad and then read a short story that encouraged them to shop.

Kinda shocking them and introducing the customer to a new shopping experience. I saw a much better conversion rate.

Not every Ad needs a sales page and some creative stories are told in the Ad themselves...It's just what stands out compared to every other store. USP

After applying a few marketing tricks like upselling customers, one day I found the store's conversion rate, and I quote..."Store with the best conversion rate in it's industry". At 4.44 %

Not knowing the Facebook has very specific system for scaling an advertisement, I increased the budge to fast and pooof....conversions stopped working...

I tried to get it back but nothing wasn't working.

Not losing hope, I came across the idea that women LOVE buying shoes online. So I tried the women's sneaker market.

Used a bit of secret knowledge I scooped up from a Facebook post by a beautiful girl about Why women like to look good and walahh...Used that in my next promotion.

That promotion has so far received over 80 shares, 400 likes, 30 comments and 11 purchases. Even got a few direct sales from people searching the web. That Ad is still running is is being tweaked to perfection.

So, one key ingredient is mastering that kind of Facebook promotion, which you get included in this sale, potentially worth over $4.2 million in gross sales from the abundance in inventory the supplier carries.

Sir Good Looking is an attractive business model. Drop shipping. No inventory is held. You make a sale, wait for the payment to be received, go to Oberlo which is one of the 3rd party sites involved, and directed right to Aliexpress where the order gets placed.

Your only expense in the sale is the cost to get the customer and purchasing the product from the wholesaler. And everything is connected by clicking the mouse a few times and entering in just a little bit of payment information. Double check all the information is correct and click purchase. That's it! Orders fulfilled very quickly.

The computer does 90 % of the work.

I'm a talented marketer myself. So if you possess this talent, and enjoy the feeling of making a sale, this business is for you.

Since the store name is Sir Good [REDACTED]'re not obligated to stick to one particular product in the apparel industry. You can promote different products. The branding concept is "Look Like a Stylish King". Targeting people that like to look classy and elegant.

Why is this store worth $25,000,000?

It's unique in it's main objective...Creative copywriting.

Sales letters alone are worth millions of dollars and each sales letter is written in creative writing. Intriguing the customer on a story line narrative, exciting them to buy the product. And each product on this site has an abundance in inventory, each in the multi-million dollar potential gross sales.

You're an ideal buyer if you are a creative marketer, with a mastery in what I believe are couple different skill sets.

  1. Creative copywriting
  2. Facebook Advertising
  3. SEO
  4. Email remarketing for recurring income monthly.

If you're an expert in SEO, the direct sales you get from organic traffic over time will get you in the 100's of millions in product sales.

The creative copy, up sells, lifestyle photos and sales pages are already in place.

This store's setup has up to $10,000,000 in sales potential waiting for you to take advantage of.

P.s. Most recent sales were 2 pairs of sneakers sold by girls searching on social and search engines. One for $55 and the other for $40. Making over 150% profit.

P.s.s. Started off the year 2020 with 2 pairs of women's sneakers sold through advertising a new distruptive method I tested and converted, reducing Ad cost by 75%.

When you do make the purchase, you're purchasing the Domain name and it's assets. Under Sir Good Looking.

Not Tadros K which is the DBA.

Sir Good Looking is one of the businesses owned by Tadros K

Are you the ideal buyer?....

Go for it!

The reason of selling this business

I'm selling it for the experience of starting, growing and selling a business. That's the reason I got into business in the first place. Know that I know how to build a shopify store and all the necessary things that go with it, it's time to move on. Someone with a genius in SEO, style, copywriting and solving problems will have a lot of fun doing something like this. I'm here to consult with the new owner 6 days a week.

Plus, I'd like to start, build and sell another one. In a different niche. Perhaps if you're the buyer you'll become a lifetime investor of mine.

What's involved in running this business

Being an expert at SEO and getting direct traffic to the store. Attracting customers that are actively searching to buy products.

Discovering relating niche product trends on Google.

Mastering Facebook optimization.

Time to fulfill orders.

Finding new products with an abundance in inventory.

Email marketing skills to generate monthly recurring revenue.

Money management.

This business was founded: over 1 year ago
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month1,880Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin100%
  • Avg. sales /month2
Other details about profit: Because I've tested about 100's of different ads, I've spent $10K on ads and got $3.4K back in sales. This is simply because I didn't learn about re-targeting interested customers until just recently. So each ad only pulled a couple hundred dollars that had over $1k in potential. Currently I run product promotions by getting social proof 1st then conversions. Seeing an asymmetrical ROI. The profit is in SEO mastery plus scaling a winning ad. That's where you can make your fortune!
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    • Shopify plan
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    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

      Not Included
    • Logo and branding assets

      I will just email the photos, give you permission to control the Facebook ad.
    • Personal support after sale

      I will be provide personal support after sale for 6 months through email and over the phone. Since the unique value in Sir Good Looking is the creative writing in the sales pages and Ads. Plus, modeling products that lead to products, I'll continue writing sales pages for new products if needed for 6 months. And be your lifestyle model. Bonus: If the price is right...I'd consider being the CEO and manage the business under you. I'd just lead the pack.
    • Domain

    • Product photos

    • Social media

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    • Suppliers

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    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    I would get a Ph.d in SEO and get orders to pour in from direct traffic rather than paid. Continue talking to customers and random people about how they shop for fashion now. Get insights from them on future products. I'd also buy products that I'm selling and be my own model. Be my own brand. Have business cards to hand out at a conversation. Email audience on what they'd be comfortable buying if it were offered to get feedback from customers that already bought from you. Then write email to customers every week just sharing information and stories. Build rapport with email list 3 out of 4 weekends and promote a promote on the 4th weekend.

    Skills to have

    The billion dollar winner would be someone that's a genius in SEO and can drive targeted direct traffic to the store.


    KAREM T.Current store owner


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