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Every business has it's own story and that story formed through the opportunity to generate business and will to serve people. And whenever the opportunity arises, there is always room to make money with sky being the limit.

And you can be the next and future owner of business which is itself multi million dollar industry and nothing can be better than this. Yes, you read right and I'm talking about women's swimwear industry .

As per research, the global women's swimwear market is slated to touch a value of nearly US$ 276 Mn in the year 2022.

But you want to generate business online. Right ? Let's dive into that

[REDACTED] forecasts the online stores women's swimwear segment to grow from nearly US$ 47 Mn in 2017 to US$ 56 Mn in 2022. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4% from 2017 to 2022.

And that value is whooping for niche market and fantastic for dropshipper business.

So, How much you wanna make ? thousands of bucks or 5 figures or even more !!

Yes, you read right. It is possible and I will tell you how exactly later in this post. Not only I will tell you the value of my store but also the reason behind that why it will work !!

But Let's get dive into what is this really kind of niche and how it can help people to fulfil their shopping desires !!


With the history dated back to 1960's, the women's swimwear market established new trends and lifestyle among women population in country USA. With rapid adaptation of new kind of fashion and taboos in community and society lead towards changes in behavior and preferences among women population in global market.

And this niche market has developed solely on the basis of interests and behavior of women segment such as travel to beaches, sea cruising, casual trip, vacation, party and more. And definitely, any segment of women population whether belong to household or working, everyone need off from regular lifestyle and routine & majority of them prefers to spend their leisure time on beaches, sea, pool, party etc with family or friends.

And that's where swimwear merchandise bridge the gap between their fun and happy moments, and one of the best swimwear has all the full potential to fulfill their requirements.

And that's your exact chance to monetize the opportunity by offering the best product with best value.

But How will you convert them ? Let's get into it


Well, There was time when people only could think about physical store as their first stop to shop anything. But with advancement of internet, social media & mobile phone technology, you can reach them among the first !!

Yes, you heard right !! And with $50 million dollar women's swimwear industry online, you has all the chance to get that pie of it.

With more than 80 percent of people using Facebook itself in USA, there is highest level of engagement everyday among adults, which means you can target them with social media advertising and boost your chance to make sales and ultimately generating revenue.


With so many companies and brands promoting women swimwear with their different offers and discounts, it might be overwhelming to stand out among Big Dogs !!

And like usually, it has tough competition in the market, which can cause hindrance in your revenue generation process. Thats why, we have designed our store and strategy by keeping in mind about what is called "competition".

But you will stand out among the big dogs, not because you will invest fortune but you will take smart decision.

Let's kill the competition with ready to use and one of the unique segment strategy !!


Competition is painful truth whether it has potential to impact your store from other same sized numerous stores or well established brands and it is really critical to workout on this by playing smart.

So, how can you make yourself stand out? Let's Take a look

  1. Offering value

We always focused on offering something valuable which has full potential to fulfill the customer's desires and requirements. The first point to start acquire customer starts from providing value, the value which can exceeds the expecations of potential customer.

And in this niche segment, the more trending and variety (working) you can offer to customer, it would be more likely to help customer to make purchase decision easily.

It is also not like throwing random collections in the store and expecting people to buy it and it is big mistake most people do.

Thats why, we have sourced that products only which are already successful in the global market and we really handpicked the only best ( with full unique descriptions), so you won't need to find and import into the store (until and unless next year's new collections)

  1. Best Price

The number one reason to make or break your deal in e-commerce. You can even generate sales with a single product, but with over or wrong price there would be very less chance to get Sales.

There is nothing better than Best price after value, which can kill competition in the global market. And why you will stand out because we have set the lowest price for more than 70% of the store in the global swimwear market !!

And that's where you can give best competition to almost anyone dropshipper or business holder in same industry, and yet make profit as well.

The unique feature which makes us stand out are best price and free shipping globally (with no minimum order )!!, which is just one of the greatest value you can offer to your right audience.

And that also didn't happened in overnight or days. We have researched extensively among different suppliers and sellers in Oberlo and Aliexpress, and set the most optimal price for it.

So, you would have never worry about margins and cost until and unless there is price change. And if there would be price change, you can always change it through Oberlo and Shopify Admin Area.

  1. Free Shipping

The second most reason to break the deal in e-commerce store is shipping fee over product price, and top reason for cart abandonment.

That's why, it is well understood by e-commerce industry and majority of e-commerce brands offers free shipping to selected locations with no or minimum order.

But we have taken one step ahead by offering free shipping on just any order and globally ( e-packet countries only )!! which is just like bonus for customers.

And there would be legible reason, which would attract new customer to make purchases more likely.

And there are many more features and optimizations present in our online store which just ready to convert almost any right & interested audience.

We have even added the customer reviews for selected items to boost the social proof in the store which is one of the most impostant factor to drive conversions.

So, why you should buy this online store.


Let's explore!!

100% fully optimized store for conversion

  • SEO optimized content
  • Social Media optimized content
  • Unique & real model photos
  • Best Sellers only
  • Full Product Descriptions
  • Customers Reviews for social proof
  • Best & Strategically Set Price
  • Only 2 Click "Add to cart" from homepage
  • Highly Converting & shoppers Friendly
  • Scarcity Driven & most trusted seals
  • Unique brand logo & niche focused domain name

You can see that our store includes everything best possible to make it conversion machine and we didn't set up in once. It took months of testing, design and optimizations to make it best possible conversion store which is just fully ready to run and drive conversions.

And in addition to that, we also included fully optimized social media accounts as traffic sources which is critical to drive conversions to the online store.

And you even don't need to search for apps in shopify store to assist operations in your store, all content and apps tested and optimized. So you won't need to put hours and hours of daily work for months !!

And we won't ask you fortune or costly price, but only reasonable value of months of hard work which has been put into it.

We can't wait to see you as proud and successful owner of awesome store !!)

Best Wishes


Why should someone buy this store?

SALE SALE SALE !! - SEO optimized content - Social Media optimized content - Unique & real model photos - Best Sellers only - Full Product Descriptions - Customers Reviews for social proof - Best & Strategically Set Price - Only 2 Click "Add to cart" from homepage - Highly Converting & shoppers Friendly - Scarcity Driven & most trusted seals - Unique brand logo & niche focused domain name

How can the future owner improve the business?

Future owner can improve the business by updating and adding new collections of swimwear merchandise by creating unique USPs & brand identity with search and social media optimized content.

What work have you put into the store?

Made it 100% fully optimized & conversion site.

This business was founded: about 1 year ago
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

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Other details about profit: Now you can fulfill your business dreams. You can generate minimum $500 profit every month and maximum $3-5k per month with sky is the limit.

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    • Personal support after saleTo get successful in generating revenue, it need to test different factors such as right marketing platform, right audience etc using time & money both. And, It is the only phase which is time consuming and patience tester. So, with everything tested already, you will get to know right marketing platform, method & audience to start generating revenue fastest as possible.
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    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    I would establish the unique USPs & brand identity in women swimwear niche by creating new products, new influencers & suppliers network, new customers base with social & search engine optimized content. And ultimately turning into million dollar business.

    Skills to have

    Not at all, the whole listing is fully equipped with pre made content & strategies which would be definitely useful for new owner to take this business to greater heights

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