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  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month10,119
  • Avg. profit /month

Business Story

Why this business was started

This store is a super beginner friendly drop shipping store. I carefully crafted the name, design, reputation, and overall feel of the website so that the ONLY reason you aren't making sales is because of the product you are testing - everything else is perfect and has been proven to work again and again.

I chose to create this store in the sporting goods & outdoors niche because I knew it was a very profitable niche to get into, since people are very passionate about their sports & outdoor activities & thus willing to spend money on products that will improve their skill or experience. I really wanted to build a long-lasting, trustworthy brand, so I put in a lot of time on every aspect of the business to make it as successful as possible. I have found what I believe to be a great brand name & domain for a sporting goods & outdoor store - Outdoor Creators. I have added a bunch of products from varying niches to make the store feel much more official, & this also encourages customers to purchase more products, as they browse through our wide selection of items.

This store was designed for success from the very beginning. It is highly optimized for mobile, which is where the majority of sales come from (about 80%). I used Trackify to set up multiple pixels that I use for each niche, this way each pixel is heavily optimized for a specific niche (such as cycling, golfing, fishing, etc.). All the pixels that were created for this store will be provided. Each of the pixels are highly optimized for their specific niche & are worth thousands alone. Since I already set everything up, you do not need to do anything with Trackify or pixels, as it is already done for you. Unlike other general/ outdoor stores, that probably only have 1 pixel for all their niches, my store will deliver much better results since each pixel is optimized for a single niche. This will allow you to run multiple winning products in varying niches at once, whereas with a store that only has 1 pixel, if you try to test a product in other niches, this may mess up the performance of an already successful product.

The reason of selling this business

I have other businesses that require more of my attention. I considered just keeping this store going on the side but I would rather go all in with my other businesses, rather than investing time and money into this one.

What's involved in running this business

You can use my proven WINNING products (I made them unavailable so don't bother looking) and all of my PIXEL data for those products. I currently have 3 winning products; I have only begun to scale 2 of the 3, so you will be able to earn much more once you begin to scale all 3 products. I would also recommend taking advantage of the market by testing more products and scaling those. Another great thing about this store is that it is in the sporting goods & outdoor niche, which has an almost endless amount of products that you can test. However, product testing is not necessary since I've already found 3 winners, and already have a huge selection of products on the store.

You may also get some customer emails, which you can choose to outsource to virtual assistants or answer yourself. If you would like to answer them yourself, I will provide you with my customer service response document that I use across all of my dropshipping stores to answer commonly asked questions. I will also answer customer service emails for you for the entire month after you purchase the store, for no additional charge.

This business was founded: 11 months ago
Time to run this business: approximately 15 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month10,119Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin38%
  • Avg. sales /month995
Other details about profit: Having 4 different pixels in varying niches has allowed me to get amazing Cost Per Purchases with Facebook because each pixel has been fully optimized for a single niche, allowing it to perform extremely well. I would expect you to be able to get back to this level of profitability within a week - assuming you know what you are doing with Facebook advertising. I will also be available for support to help guide you in the right direction.
Total revenue
  • $71,696
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    Total traffic
  • 101,194Visits
  • Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


    • Shopify plan
    • Employees
    • Domain
    • Trackify, Tracktor, Klaviyo
    • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
    • Transaction Fees

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

      Not Included
    • Logo and branding assets

      You will receive almost everything associated with this business: 1. CUSTOMIZED Theme - This store uses the Turbo Theme ($450 value - after taxes), which will be included with the purchase. I have spent countless hours to make it very visually appealing & look as professional as possible. It is also optimized to load very quickly for the best customer experience. 2. ALL ADS USED TO MAKE $60,000+ 3. Facebook Page 4. Instagram Account 5. 4 Highly Optimized Pixels, each in different niches 6. Logo 7. Domain 8. Basically everything other than my business manager, ad account, etc - I still need those for my other businesses. If I left anything out, please message me and I'll confirm if it is included.
    • Personal support after sale

      I WILL HANDLE CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR 1 MONTH AFTER PURCHASE (no extra charge). It wouldn't be fair to just dump my previous customers onto your hands to deal with, so I will take care of ALL of them until all orders have been delivered and dealt with, which shouldn't be longer than a month. If for some reason they are not all handled within a month, I will extend my service. I am obviously fluent in English and actually put time and effort into responding to customer emails. This way, you can focus on making money and start fresh (but with all the benefits from the store, pixel, etc). Also, I can help you out if you have a questions about Facebook marketing, ad creation, my scaling/cutting strategy, tips, etc. I will not have too much time on my hands but I will make an effort to get back to you within the same day for a month (30 days) after purchase. I cannot guarantee assistance after a month, but will try to be there is you need assistance. I'll provide you with my personal contact details.
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      All the photos you see on the store will be provided.
    • Social media

      Total followers1subscribers
    • Suppliers

      Not Included
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Firstly, I would take advantage of the current winning products and scale those to market saturation (very long way to go in my opinion). Then, I would find new products, test using Facebook advertising, scale, repeat.

    Skills to have

    Understand Facebook advertising. If you know how to launch and maintain ads properly, it would be difficult to not make money. I am providing a store that is proven to convert very well; I am giving you the products and ads that have been proven to be very profitable; and I will am also offering my support to help you out along the way.

    Jordan D.Current store owner
    Entrepreneur. Social Media Marketer. I've created and sold many successful Shopify stores. I consider myself very knowledgable in Facebook advertising and overall marketing.


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