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Business Story

Why this business was started

Univolt was started with the sole focus of providing consumers with a wide-array of innovative smart technologies/gadgets that are designed to make their lives more seamless, convenient, and efficient.

Once we realized the potential of providing solutions for everyday smart devices (in which the entire world relies on), we knew it made sense to create a brand that had the potential to scale massively to an extremely large market of tech-hungry buyers.

Our lead product, "Univolt Wireless Charging Stand" has been able to generate well over $300,000+ with a net profit of $50,000+ in just a span of 2 months - primarily using Facebook Ads marketing.

This product in particular allows users to seamlessly charge their smartphones, earbuds, and smartwatches simultaneously - without the hassles of plugging in each of their devices.

People absolutely loved this because of its extreme convenience, simplicity, and seamlessness of use. After all, the entire point of smart technology is to provide users with more convenience. Therefore this product provided even more convenience to their already convenient companions.

Now let us transition to the sole focus of "Univolt" - and how this name was derived.

The term "uni" came from our ideas of providing products that would "unify" and simplify the everyday technological life of a consumer. However, "uni" also derives from the term "universe".

Therefore we envisioned consumers to feel like they were being immersed into a universe of innovative technologies that would make their lives seamless, easy, and convenient as they would continue to scroll through our catalog.

Of course, the more cool and unique smart technology solutions we can offer, the more "Univolt" will live up to the definition of a "universe" with a continuously increasing catalog of products.

The reason of selling this business

While we are confident that this store has the extreme potential to scale even further than what we have currently achieved, we found ourselves to not be as passionate about the business as we once were.

We felt that it would only make sense to pass this torch over to a new owner who is actually passionate about smart technology, and also contains a vision to continue to provide innovative solutions for the ever growing technological world that we live in.

New technology is released every year, and consumers are always looking for ways to maximize their convenience - and this is what our vision for Univolt was always aiming to achieve.

Univolt, without a doubt, will always have a place in business due to the fact that its sole focus was to provide products geared towards providing more efficiency for devices that a large majority of society already owns.

What's involved in running this business

During the entirety of running this business, our main components for operation were: fulfillment, customer service, and advertising (media buying).

Fulfillment is already completely taken care of as we would easily connect you over to our supplier in which we relied to dropship each unit to our customers.

Customer Service was purely handled by VA's in which you can easily hire on places like upwork, onlinejobs, etc.

Advertising - we primarily used Facebook Ads to generate all of our traffic. Note that there are several other platforms in which you will easily find more buyers for the long-term such as Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

This business was founded: 8 months ago
Time to run this business: approximately 20 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month30,799Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Profit Margin11%
  • Avg. sales /month756
Other details about profit: It is important to note that our average profit per month on this listing is not accurate towards the months we were actually operating normally and spending high amounts on advertising to bring in traffic. During March 17th - April 30th is when our advertisements for the Univolt Wireless Charging Stand went viral, allowing us to reach our peak period of scale. In these 2 months alone, we generated $329,534 in revenue + $106,834 in ad spend costs + $147,895 in COGS = a net profit of $61,609 (19% margin). However, because we were scaling in the peak period of COVID-19, it caused a major backlog on shipment transportation which caused a severe delay in our delivery of goods afterwards. Therefore, we were forced to scale down our advertising costs during May so that we wouldn't continue accepting a high amount of orders. In the month of May, we generated just $25,670.46 in revenue + $8515 in ad spend + $10,527 in COGS = gross profit of $6628.46 (25% margin). HOWEVER... let us also explain that because we were undergoing severe delays from the previous months we scaled (March/April), we had to process multiple partial refunds and full refunds to customers who were still awaiting delivery. This resulted in a total of $4132 in refunds processed in this month alone. Therefore, our original gross profit of $6628.46 was cut down by the $4132 in refunds, resulting in a net profit of $2496 (before transaction fees). In the months of June and July, we completely stopped our advertisements for the store, and still allowed additional orders to generate organically. We were also hit with an additional $2141 in refunds from orders that were STILL backlogged from those who placed them on March/April. However we can say with full confidence that everything is now finally stabilized and all customers have been accounted for. All orders from our peak months have been delivered, and all orders from June/July are currently in transit with properly updated tracking information. Overall, we want to assure you that this store could very well be much more profitable when logistics are not affected. It was just unfortunate that we started scaling during a time where transportation was severely limited due to COVID-19. When looking at the grand scheme, you can expect to see an average profit of $20,000-50,000+ a month with our products on Univolt. All you need is a fresh Facebook Ad creative, or the utilization of other mediums such as Google Ads. People are searching everyday for wireless chargers and if you can show our products, you can easily make this store profitable for you.
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      I will be willing to provide support for up to 1 month after sale via email or phone. This can be anything related to fulfillment, advertising, and other operations of the business.
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    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    New technology is released every year, and consumers are always looking for ways to maximize their convenience - and this what our vision for Univolt was always aiming to achieve.

    Univolt, without a doubt, will always have a place in business due to the fact that its sole focus was to provide products geared towards providing more efficiency for devices that a large majority of society already owns. (smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, etc).

    We've only touched the surface of this world with our advertising campaigns... and there are still billions of tech-hungry users that would find the products on Univolt to be extremely useful for years to come.

    Let us mention that all traffic was primarily gained through Facebook Ads only. We attempted a bit of Google/Youtube Ads but lacked the experience of running campaigns properly there.

    Just think about how many people are constantly searching for new technology, gadgets, and other devices to make their lives more easy.

    You've just got to put Univolt right in front of their face on all marketing mediums possible!

    Skills to have

    If you are extremely passionate about smart technology, or simply tech/gadgets in general... you will find this to be a seamless store for you to run.

    These products pertain to the devices that a large majority of this world uses everyday, therefore all you need to do is run effective marketing campaigns that will give more users (who are still stuck in the stone age) a reason to advance their life with the use of smart technology convenience & solutions.

    Skills required to run this store effectively will be your use of Facebook Ads (to run store traffic), and ability to lead and delegate others to run other aspects such as customer service and quality control. These types of people can all be found through freelance websites like Upwork.

    Matheus R.Current store owner


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