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Time to run this business: approximately 5 hours per week
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General description

A very efficient platform dedicated to a very difficult, well-defined, and thus rewarding niche: vegans! Through this website you can easily import the product from foreign suppliers to your websites and then sell it your costumers. In doing this, you don't pay anything, just one click! I added several apps imaging the ideal platform for a person who has to manage his/her work-like balance. All advertisements are included and free. I installed a special app to integrate all social networks in a very easy way. Actually, I almost don't want to sell it and run the business but I can't because I don't have passion for it. I prefer to structure the ideal platform rather then selling vegan products even though it's a very rewarding industry. There is only one negative point (I don't know it's negative or not). Since I bought the business just built and instead of running it I tried to structure the platform to sell it, it is really new. Since the beginning I knew that I did not want to run it and I dedicated myself to other issues. When I understood I had to face the "unrun" business, came to me the question "sell or close it". I decided to sell it but I changed it almost completely before selling.

Why should someone buy this store?

Firstly, it is a niche: vegans. Marketers claim that you are successful in a business if you reach a well-defined niche. Secondly, this industry is increasing. (Article: “The unstoppable rise of veganism: how a fringe movement went mainstream”, The Guardian). Thirdly, maybe you (or somebody near you) are vegan and you want to defend the cause. Fourthly, if you discover that your passion is another (like me), you can always decide to improve it and sell it for a higher price! But be careful: the offer is valid only until 23th August 2018!

How can the future owner improve the business?

The way is very easy. It is of course tiring but easy. I anticipate that according to the standards of internet marketing, you only need (or must be) strong in social networks. If you can wisely use social networks and you know their secrets, you win. I installed a guide with all secrets. In case you need a support, I will give you an assistance after sale. moreover, I would suggest to add a domain. It's not necessary but why not.

What work have you put into the store?

I originally bought the business because after university I had no idea what to do in my life and it seemed a wonderful opportunity because I was not fully informed about the business. In fact I had to change it, if I wanted to sell it. Originally there was only Oberlo. Suddenly, I realised that my passion drives me to a different direction. Therefore, I decided to sell it. However, I understood that the online store, how it was, was not enough. I had to improve it! First, I looked for an app concerning social media: Social Sharing Buttons to literally “dominate” the market. Moreover, I looked for an app fully dedicated to advertising. Secondly, I understood that I had to strengthen Oberlo with a tool, that could send items especially from Europe and US. I found Spocket. The third point concerns the type of product. With Oberlo you can import and export, and actually the process is so fast and easy that technically it is even not “import-export”. However, what about all those products who need to be downloaded such as eBooks (thinking about vegan cooking) ?! I searched for and found a very simple app, Digital downloads. Finally, I looked for a guru guide with all secrets deriving directly form Singapore! As a result, the name changed from "veganshop" to "Veganboutique".

Evelina M.

Running this business for 4 months
I am Italian. My background ranges from politics to philosophy and management. I think my mission is to help people develop themselves through my critical approach deriving from philosophy. Therefore, in addition to it, I hold training of self-development.
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