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Business Story

Why this business was started

I always had wondered what it would be like to start my own business but thought it would be too much and cost too much to start. Full disclaimer, it is a lot of hard work to start any business and make it successful but I didn't think I could start one with minimal overhead like a 'dropshipping' business. It was a good first start.

The reason of selling this business

I had started and threw some things up against a wall, then had learned Facebook ads were key in propelling your droppshipping store. So, I took the money I had invested into that. After about a year and plenty of learning experiences, I ran out of money. I intermittently started another business which was more successful. I'm just dedicating my time to that.

What's involved in running this business

Fulfilling orders, ordering from suppliers (alibaba), researching product niches, running advertising campaigns, etc.
Time to run this business: approximately 20 hours per week
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

    Not Included

  • Logo and branding assets

    we can discuss what is preferable.

  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

    Not Included

  • Domain

    Not Included

  • Product photos

    we can discuss what is preferable. (most are on Alibaba).

Social Media

    Social followers1,100subscribers
    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business

    Continue learning all channels and forms of ads.

    Skills to have

    Studying your buyer, asking and then listening to what they want. Lots of Facebook ads. Some instagram as well.