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$30,000 USD


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General description

Our store has been running since October 2015 and has made over $815,000 in revenue over these two and a half years -- which means has brought in around $250,000 in profit.
Our Facebook Pixel is fully optimized with every purchase that has been made and from all the ad campaigns we have run for our products - it runs very efficiently and gets conversions for a low cost.
Along with this profit, our store has gathered the data of over 80 000 customers (full names, emails, full addresses and phone numbers), which makes an extensive, profitable mailing list for email marketing.
Our success is easily replicable, as you will get you all the tools we used to make it work (products, ads, apps, mailing list), as well as top-notch post-sale service from us: we are willing to walk you through exactly how we ran the store, and coach you through how we made it work (our product-finding and marketing secrets!). You are not just buying our store, you are buying our expertise.

We've done this primarily through dropshipping geeky merch from aliexpress, but we have also used Teelaunch to sell successful shirt designs. Most of our successful merch is still available on our store, ready to be remarketed to our huge customerbase! Our facebook pixel is fully optimized and will target potential customers way more efficiently than a brand new ad account.

Our store is ready-to-use: it can start selling for you from tomorrow and you will benefit from our established store, the apps we used, our huge product collection, extensive mailing list (80 000 emails), and existing customerbase. We also have a long-standing business relationship with a few suppliers who are ready to do business with our successors, and trusted former employees (customer reps, order fulfilment managers, designers) who could work for the store again. We will also cede the high-status Aliexpress account that we have used for dropshipping, which is known of a few sellers on the platform. You will have all the tools in hand to take over operations, as well as our post-sale guidance to operate the store to the highest levels.

We have a Facebook Ad Account and Pixel that has brought in 95% of the sales on this business, and has fully optimized audiences and campagins for many of our best products.
Our exceptionally extensive mailing list (80 000 emails) is an incredibly profitable marketing asset that can be capitalized on with a email sales funnel. The customer database of our store is highly valuable on its own : we have the emails, full name, full address (and 20 000 phone numbers) of over 80 000 people, as it contains all of our 35 000 customers but also all abandonned check-outs. With only the mailing list and an email marketing funnel, the store is self-sufficient and can bring in a good amount of sales without spending a cent on ads.

As for our products : there are about 750 products uploaded to our store, only a fraction of which are currently visible online (but can be reactivated at any moment). Most of them come from Aliexpress, some of them are custom T-Shirts from Teelaunch. All of these products come with carefully picked, high-quality pictures and informative descriptions and are ready to be sold. We also have a huge folder of ads that we designed for each product in order to advertise them on Facebook. It's also very easy to add new products to our existing collections thanks to our apps.

Concerning our apps : we will show you which app to install and how to use them for the best possible results (cross-selling apps, starred reviews apps, cart abandonment apps, remarketing apps...).

But most of all, we offer to walk you through how we ran our store and how we made it so successful. We (the 2 owners of the store) have moved on to other projects (a tech start-up) and unfortunately do not have the time to run this store anymore. However, we are aware of the huge potential it still has, and we do not want it to go to waste -- which is why we want to make sure the next owner gets all the knowledge necessary to run it from us. We are willing to teach all of our e-commerce expertise and how to run this store as a post-sale service, including our marketing strategies (on facebook / email marketing).

Financials and traffic

While this store opened two and a half years ago, we have ran campaigns for only 15 of these months. The profit is calculated on the active months.

Average profit/month

$18,000 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Lifetime revenue

$815,401.00 USD

Lifetime traffic

694,085 Sessions

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Business Expenses

Advertising costs are very variable and change a lot from campaign to campaign.

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)


Advertising (ie. Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.)




What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media



Mailing list

60,000 subscribers

Social media followers

40,000 people

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

Our main selling points are our incredible assets from an established, successful store, AND our outstanding post-sale service: we will thoroughly explain how the store works and show how we ran it, and guide you through how we made it so successful (our e-commerce and marketing strategies).
This store esentially turn-key. You can start operating it and selling with it as we hand over all our accounts and ressources : everything is ready to run.

OUR ASSETS (what makes our store truly established and valuable) :

  • Post-sale mentorship: we will guide you through how to run this store and offer our e-commerce business insights and marketing strategies.

  • Email list of 80 000 people, with full names, full shipping address, and 20 000 phone numbers. An email marketing funnel with a list of this size brings in considerable revenue.

  • Our 35 000 customers, including all their data (emails/phone numbers), who can be remarketed to. We have a repeat customer rate of 4.72%, some of which know our store and return regularly to spend more because they like our merch.

  • We have a fully optimized Facebook Pixel which has registered every sale and every customer. Our facebook ad account has around 200.000$ in ad spending and has kept every campaign we have ever run for this business. We are open to negociate giving it away.

  • Store themes, some of which include cross-selling and upselling functions that we have coded-in ourselves. We have 4 themes total, they are easy to re-design but look good and function well as they are.

  • Our product collection (750 products), along with their pictures, description, and the Ads we made for them.

  • A list of the best apps for ecommerce that we used

  • Supplier relationship for best-selling products, which guarantees lower prices and much more secure, smoother shipping process. We will hand over to you our contact with a chinese supplier who owns a manufacture and has worked with us on dropshipping some of our most successful products (thousands of orders that have gone perfectly). He's very trustworthy, practices fair prices, and also very knowledgeable in the industry: he can recommend products that have potential. We also have a relationship with a custom-poster store owner on aliexpress who will print and put up for sale any design we want to sell as a poster. She has made dozens of posters for us and ships very reliably.

  • Our employee contacts : we have employed in the past a stellar fulfilling manager who has handled the shipping process with our suppliers (whom she has a direct relationship with) and who takes care of fulfilling large order volumes. We also have had competent customer service representatives who could work for us again, designers we've hired on upwork to design Ads (meant for facebook) and to design shirts that we could recommend to you.

  • Our current aliexpress account, which is a diamond member with 11 475 reward points and 1 556 orders. We are known of a few sellers. It's a great, reliable, respected account to use if you want to dropship with aliexpress.

  • Facebook page to our name (bare. Hasn't been used much as we've focused on creating custom facebook pages for our product niches - for example, we will give you a Fallout-themed Facebook page with 40.000 likes.

  • Our domain names : the main one being, very valuable if you're targeting tv show fans, geeks, video game fans, comics and big movie franchises, as we have; the name is basically a catchy, descriptive brand name for all types of geeky merch, that can become established and known. We are also giving away, a name under which we sold custom T-Shirts with a walrus logo (which is included in the themes we're giving away).

How many hours does it take to run this business per week?

20 hours

$30,000 USD

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