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General description

Weekday Crew is an apparel / accessory store. It was set up mainly as proof of concept, name, logo, etc. We have made a handful of sales from our IG and website, but what we are really selling here is the name, brand, design, and overall concept - in the right hands it could be something special. The name itself would suit custom T shirt prints etc for a fashion type label. You will also have access to our instagram account ([REDACTED] which includes some photos of influencers wearing the products we sell, as well as the domain name '[REDACTED] The store itself will need work, influencer partners etc to flourish - but what we are selling here is the name, brand and design - that is what this was set up to be. We are creatives, not digital marketers or business owners - so this needs to go in the hands of someone who likes the name and brand and wants to do something with it!

Why should someone buy this store?

We believe the name and brand has a lot of potential. You should buy this store if you think so too - if you don't want to start from scratch, you will save money on setting up the design, inserting products from ali express into the store, buying and setting up the domain, etc etc. A good, clean design that fits the products and brand will cost you.

How can the future owner improve the business?

This needs to be run by someone who really wants to take it places on social media, with influencers, printing shirts, advertising, etc.

What work have you put into the store?

99% of the work has gone into the design, branding, and setting up the ali express store, curating products for our target market - mostly millennial females (18-30ish) who believe in goals, self improvement, travel, and want the best out of life - in style, and without compromising their wallets.
Sale Includes
  • Physical inventory

    Not Included

  • Logo and branding assets

  • Social media accounts

  • Personal support after sale

    Not Included

  • Domain

  • Product photos

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