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Why this business was started

Welcome to my Shopify, Amazon FBA/eBay Business.

Just to say, this is not JUST a shopify store, it is an entire brand selling through Shopify, eBay and Amazon Fulfillment centres.

The business comes with a lot, so please read on.

I spent 2-3 months launching this business, my passion is in designing and building start ups and then selling them on once complete and running.

Whiztek Limited Company was launched in October 2018 with my partner currently as the director. Because this is a Limited company, it is being sold as a complete entity and you will be appointed as the director and own 100%. The actual business wasn’t launched on any platforms until middle of December.

The reason this business was established as a limited company is because when launching as a sole trader on Amazon, it’s harder to then change to a Limited company half way through.

The business currently sells iPhone 7/8, iPhone X/XS and iPhone XS Max Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and silicone TPU phone cases and iPhone 8 pin Lightning cables and Android Micro USB cables.

In the last couple of weeks on Amazon, we have sold 264 units with a £1333 turnover. The items were initially discounted to build sales and now sit at the right price of £6.95. The cost of goods is around 15% of retail price and Amazon also take around 15-20% as a fulfilment fee.

eBay take a similar amount if you include Paypal, and Shopify take even less because you fulfil the orders yourself.

The way it works is if you do not know what Amazon FBA is, basically you send them your goods to the warehouse, they store it, send it when you receive an order and deal with customer returns and customer service. You do nothing, except marketing. Which can be done with Amazons PPC (Pay per click) We have ran some campaigns to direct traffic to our products. Or using other methods such as Facebook marketing, Google ads/shopping, outside marketing etc. Potentially hire a Digital marketing advertiser to help drive outside traffic also to the listings.

It is a semi passive business where Amazon do the majority of the work.

I had in total 4250 products. 2250 screen protectors, 1000 phone cases and 500 android cables and 500 iphone cables. We now have around 4,000 products left since selling on Amazon. Amazon warehouse quantities:

iPhone X/XS screen protectors – 260 iPhone 7/8 screen protectors – 352 iPhone XS Max screen protectors – 351

iPhone X/XS phone cases – 192 iPhone 7/8 phone cases – 177 iPhone XS Max phone cases – 198

These are the quantites of how much stock is currently being stored in Amazon warehouses. The remainder of stock is with me, which I have at my house and is used to send out to other places such as eBay and Shopify.

Retail value in total if sold at £6.95 is £27,500 of leftover product. If you take 15-20% cost of goods, 15-20% fees and 15-20% advertising, profit would be 40-50% meaning £11,000-14,000 profit from all of these goods. Your money back and more. But you are buying a brand also and a great business model. I saw someone sell an Amazon FBA business selling 1 product (webcam protector) for £30,000 the other day! Amazon FBA stores are worth a lot.

You are getting not just a shopify store with your own branded products to sell, but also an automated Amazon FBA store and eBay store which can be operated anywhere in the world.

But I am not JUST selling you the product. There is A LOT more work put into this and assets involved.

The products are of the highest quality. The cables are Gold plated connectors, nylon braided with welded connectors. They have been tested and do not split like apple ones and do not tear or bend. The screen protectors come as a triple pack and are one of the hardest most premium protectors you can source. The cases have reinforced corners, a silicone outside material with a strong TPU plastic backing. All branded.

I will list what you will receive for your small investment.

-£27,500 retail value of branded goods. Which look and feel so premium. 4,000 x £6.95. -Limited company, which has a registered address in London, forwards mail to your address. - Barclays bank account which is linked to Amazon and Paypal. - Business EORI number for importing from overseas - A main company email address, which is linked to Amazon and Paypal & eBay. - My supplier, who is AMAZING. They have thousands of products they can source and they can design all custom packaging. Since they have built this packaging, they are professionals. - eBay account. - The actual Amazon FBA account. - The product images and listings have been created exactly as Amazon requests with all keywords researched and optimised. - GS1 unique UPC bar codes for ALL products. If you do not know what this means, google it. To sell ANYTHING on Amazon you need to register each product to have a unique EAN/UPC code, our products have this and I will include the annual subscription we have paid for to have these official codes. Now we have these codes, it also means they can be printed onto the product packaging an sold in any retail phiscial shop worldwide. It also means we are official, unlike the UPC/EAN copy barcodes you can buy elsewhere. - The sale includes the fact we have paid custom tax and VAT on all products when we imported it all. - The sale includes the fees paid to ship the product into Amazon warehouses. - The sale includes packaging scales. (used to weigh products to send through eBay and elsewhere) - The brand is also trademarked and this will be included, which is not cheap. - The logo and packaging was professionally created by a graphic designer and the master files will be included in the sale to use in the future. - The domain - We also have a NNN agreement signed with our supplier to protect our design, brand and products.

Ok, so now you know we have an Amazon FBA store and eBay store, what’s next? What could be done next?

  1. Register for brand registery on Amazon using the trademark so you stand out more. This also makes the brand on Amazon look a lot more official and offer more perks, including brand sponsored posts instead of just product sponsored posts.
  2. Begin marketing this Shopify store using methods like instagram influencers (sending them free products or paying for shoutouts) Marketing the shopify store using Facebook ads and Google shopping ads.

  3. Build the instagram and Facebook page
  4. Add more products
  5. Take the products into phone shops, repair shops etc.
  6. Focus on building high quality Amazon PPC (pay per click) campaigns to drive traffic to the product within Amazon.
  7. List the products on Amazon USA marketplace, Europe Marketplace and Japan marketplace.

The price listed is almost the same price I have paid myself to set this up. The price also includes me shipping you the physical stock I have, providing you training on how to use Amazon, shipping the products to Amazon, introducing you to my supplier etc. How to use shopify, Instagram, Facebook marketing.

This business has HUGE potential, and physical stock. It isn't a drop ship business where you buy no real tangible stock which you can't get your money back, it isn't an instagram account with likes, it's a REAL business with your own REAL BRANDED trademarked physical goods which can be sold in any shop anywhere in the world. Amazon FBA businesses, eBay and Shopify businesses like this do not come around often, if ever. Since the money generated from them is so passive and hands off and it takes a lot of hard work to get the business open, but this is open and ready to scale.

Dropshipping is DEAD. Start your own brand today selling real physical goods which no one else is selling.

The reason of selling this business

I am passionate about building brands to start up stages and selling to enthusiastic new entrepreneurs to build and scale

What's involved in running this business

Marketing existing products using Facebook ads, Instagram influencers, Shoutouts, Amazon PPC, google shopping. All platforms are built, Facebook, Amazon FBA is storing a percentage of our stock so nothing to do there.

This business was founded: over 1 year ago
Time to run this business: approximately 20 hours per week

Sale Includes

  • Physical inventory

  • Logo and branding assets

    All logos, branding assets and IP (Trademark) is owned under the Limited Company. This will be fully transferred to the new owner.
  • Personal support after sale

    Full training will be provided.
  • Domain

  • Product photos

  • Social media

    Total followers10subscribers
  • Suppliers

  • Mailing List

    Not Included

Seller‘s Advice

How to grow this business

I would begin building marketing campaigns using FB and Amazon Pay per click and Google shopping ads. No need for a huge investment, just a small investment to drive traffic to a great selling brand and product. Once traffic began to increase, I would get in touch with the supplier we use and begin adding new variations and products to the catalog, such as other makes and models and other products like wireless chargers, earphones, in car phone accessories. I would then brand and brand package those items and add them to the store.

Skills to have



Whiztek L.Current store owner
I am a 25 year old Entrepreneur who is very passionate about building businesses and seeing an idea come alive. I LOVE helping other people


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