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Frequently asked questions

Whether buying or selling your dream store, you’re bound to have questions

For buyers

Exchange is Shopify’s marketplace where entrepreneurs offer their ecommerce
websites for sale to interested buyers.

On Exchange you can find businesses that are ready to make their first sale
or choose from more established ones.

Thousands of buyers have successfully purchased a new business through Exchange.
We offer many features that help protect buyers, making Exchange one of the most secure and seamless marketplaces to buy a business online.

Learn more about what Exchange does to protect buyers.

If a seller hasn't responded to your inquiry, it could be because they have many interested buyers, or are already in the process of selling to someone else. It can be frustrating,
Exchange will ensure that if a seller is non-responsive their listing will be removed.

We recommend you continue messaging other sellers and frequently check for new listings.

New businesses are posted everyday, enter your email in the footer to be
notified so you can be the first to contact them.
Or start your own business.

You can contact the sellers directly within the listing using our contact
form. Once you agree on a price, the seller will open a transaction for you to pay through

To make the most out of our buyer protection, only pay sellers through the transaction created by the seller.

Nope! Exchange will not charge any fee for buying a business that
is listed on Exchange.

If you are looking to buy a store with existing sales, consider asking
questions about that store’s traffic and sales:

  • How do people find out about this site? If it’s using Facebook Ads, can
    they provide you with information about the ads’ performance?

  • What are the profit margins of the products the store is selling? Are the
    margins stable or do they vary a lot depending on the type of marketing the store does?

  • If you are looking to buy a store that holds inventory. You may want to
    enquire about the store’s suppliers.

We have more ideas on what to ask the seller.

When a Shopify store owner decides to put their store on Exchange, they have
to use the official Exchange App.

This allows Exchange to automatically calculates revenue and traffic data for the seller.
Sellers can not modify these numbers.

Learn more about how sales are verified on Exchange.

If you notice a listing that looks fraudulent, or if a seller is acting in
deceptive manners, please send us an email at with the
link to the listing and additional information so we can investigate.

For sellers

If you'd like to sell your business on Exchange, install the Exchange app on your Shopify
and create a public or private listing.

You will need to pick a plan to reopen your store so it’s available to
buyers. After you pick a plan, you will automatically
be redirected to the official Exchange app to create your listing. You will
be able to write a description and set a selling price.

If your business had less than $100 in revenue when you installed the Exchange app, your listing
will appear in the Starter Stores category on Exchange. This is the most popular category on Exchange
and will give you the most exposure to interested buyers.

Only a limited amount of listings can be featured on Exchange at a time. The stores that are featured
are rotated often in order to give sellers with quality listings exposure to the thousands of buyers who use Exchange each day.

Featured listings are chosen by a tool that automatically selects top listings to be promoted. You can
increase your chances of being featured by following these tips on improving your listing.

Yes, we've partnered with
to offer a safe and cost-effective way for you to sell your store.
Once you are ready to move forward with the sale,
follow this guide
to start a transaction.

Exchange's valuation tool recommends a selling price by taking into account
a number of factors, including your store's lifetime revenue, traffic, and other
features like social media followers or email subscribers. Stores that have
features that are proven to sell are valued higher by our valuation tool.

Only whitelisted sales are accounted for in this calculation. These are sales
that Exchange is able to verify, for a full list of whitelisted channels see here.

Yes! You should start by creating a detailed description for your listing with as much information about
your business as possible. Here are some ideas on what to include:

  • The type of products you sell (are you dropshipping or do you hold inventory?)

  • The work you’ve done on the store so far (if you haven’t made sales, is
    everything set up for the buyer to start selling? What should they consider
    once they buy your store?)

  • Links to your social media accounts and description of the campaigns
    you’ve done so far

What to learn more tips? See our guide on improving your listing.

Once you've agreed to the terms of the sale with the buyer. Follow these

to get your store transferred securely by the Exchange team.

This is the only way to have your personal financial information remvoed from the store before making your buyer the new owner.

Exchange Marketplace is the largest marketplace for buying and selling Shopify stores

How it works

Learn more about the buying and selling process on Exchange

Read our help docs